Vogue Theatre

Address: 16926 Harper
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1937
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12/2/2014 - Russell Robinson
Attended nearly every Saturday Matinee from 1940 to 1951. The Matinee included a newsreel, a full length feature, cartoons, the weekly chapter of a serial such as Buck Rogers, and finally a second full length feature film. All for 5 cents. When price was raised from 5 cents to 7 cents, I only had 3 cents to spend at the Penny Candy Store next door. Also remember coming out of the theater and finding newsboys in the street shouting Extra, Pearl Harbor Bombed. Nobody in our group knew where Pearl Harbor was.
2/26/2013 - Donald Bannasch
i worked at the vogue from 1980 to 1982. had a good time working there. had my own key for the candy counter.
4/4/2011 - beth
Went to the Vogue almost every Saturday afternoon for the double header of the week. With $. 50 you saw the show and got popcorn and candy. Wrigley Drugs gave free passes when you bought your school supplies there. Love growing up there.
4/3/2011 - Jim M.
WOW. I recall as a child spending a week each summer at my Grandparents house on Woodhall. At least once during my visit me and my Grandmother would walk to the Vogue Theater, usually on a Saturday morning, and even in the late 60's they still showed a Saturday matinee with a feature film and several cartoons. It was a cool theater even though it was small. My Grandmother was very sad when they tore it down to build the McDonald's. I wish I had been able to get into the building before they tore it down and get a memento of my childhood.
6/3/2009 - ken fiegel
I worked there from 1969 until 1973 when I graduated from Denby High. Met my wife Audrey Vogul there in 1972. I was a door man for $1.25 per hour.

Seen the Godfather for 17 weeks straight.

Good Times

5/26/2009 - victor armaly
It became a car dealership "Richard Buick"
4/20/2009 - r. pouliot
I think the theater location became a Car dealership. The first one was Shalla Cheverlet, or something like that.
10/28/2007 - Joe Masch
Went to the Vogue many times until my ''62 Chevy was stolen from the parking lot.We used to leave there and drive up Morang to get a burger at Bill Kavan''s.

Don''t get over that way too much anymore since Harper Sport Shop moved out.

Not too many of the original stores left in the area (neighborhood decline) can''t hardly blame them.
10/24/2006 - Scott Michaels
I remember the Vogue suffered structural damage when they showed EARTHQUAKE! in Sensurround. Also saw Jaws there several times. The Vogue was vacant for a long time, after the Greek thing failed. I broke in and got to scrounge around a bit. Managed to liberate a few letters from the marquee as well as some old film reels.
5/12/2004 - John M. Heyka
I WORKED HERE! I was a doorman here from June to September 1975. Got paid the princely sum of $1.85 an hour. A fellow named Toth and his wife managed the place- theyd later run the Beacon East 1&2. Saw the ORIGINAL Gone in Sixty Seconds here. We were the first house in Detroit to show JAWS! Snuck in an afternoon preview before it officially opened that night. Tickets were 3.50. Must have seen it 500 times or more- you could tell when the really scarry parts came up by the crowd reaction! The buildings to the right of the photo were gone by the time I got there. I used to mow the field out back- with a scythe! Sat 2300 as I remember. The area behind the screen was an actual stage! An uncle of mine recalls seeing live shows there after WW2. We also premiered Earthquake- in Sensurround!! What a noise!
4/21/2003 - Greg Donahoe
The Vogue was opened by the United Detroit chain. Until the early 1970s it showed first run films on a single screen. For the last several years of its life it was showing a film series called "The Greek and Arabic Film Festival", which was the last title on the marquee. In 1979 a fire of suspicious circumstaces severely damaged the structure which was torn down and a McDonalds was built on the site. The McDonalds is currently operating. A Wendys now sits on the former Vouge parking lot.
Vogue Theatre - OLD PHOTO
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