Calvin Theatre

Address: 22168 Michigan Ave
City: Dearborn
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1927
Capacity: 1200
Owner History: Wisper-Wetsman
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5/9/2016 - Edward
I remember seeing the Jonestown Massacre in 1979 and going there to see The Nude Bomb and Blues Brothers the Sunday the theater caught on fire. What a loss.
3/6/2013 - Rob Musial
One reason I remember the Calvin Theatre was, as a kid growing up in Dearborn in the 1950s, the city used to have a big Saturday matinee there for local kids around Christmastime. They'd show a whole afternoon of cartoons and cowboy movies (including the origin story of The Lone Ranger) and they'd give each kid a big red apple and a huge candy bar. Of course, inside it was mayhem with kids clapping and laughing and having a great time. The Calvin is where I learned you could make a dandy noisemaker out of an empty Good & Plenty box. In quieter times, I went there with my parents to see movies and we'd often stop and have a sundae afterwards at the Sander's store across the street. Great memories.
1/29/2013 - Joyce Tamer
This website was sent from a friend and I have been re-living some fun moments as a teen. My first job was at the Calvin Theatre at the age of 16. There I met the people that still remain my friends. I remember sitting behind the screen and watching the movie backwards. Watching the ushers make the night bank drop as if they were doing the Great Heist of the century. One would drive the van, screetch to a halt on Mich. Ave, open the doors while the other usher ran from the theatre with the bag of money. Then they would screetch away for two blocks and make the drop. Ah, to be 16 again. One night our friends were coming to the theatre and their car crashed through the store next door to the Calvin (Ready Drapes). That created a problem. One night a disgruntled customer dumped a Large, extra butter popcorn over the managers head. On slow nights, the manager and an usher used to have farting contests. Anyway, thanks for the memories!.
6/7/2012 - Janet
Going through some photos of my parents and found a photo of the Calvin Theatre at night. I think it must have been from the 30s? The marque states Tyrone Power and Suez & Four Daughters. Looks like it was a beautiful theatre. From the webmaster: Is there any way you can scan it and email it to me at waterwinterwonderland@gmail. com?.
3/5/2011 - Ken
I wish I could have seen the old pic of the theater when I was young in the 60s. I would have appreciated it more. I also remember in the late 70s, they even sold alcohol in the lobby - which made viewing Carrie even more fun. I'll never forget the screams filling the theater at end of the movie.
1/16/2011 - Sue Ellen Small
The Calvin was The Place to Be if you lived in west Dearborn back in the 50's. I must have seen James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause at least 5 times (maybe more) What great memories.
7/7/2010 - Ruth
I used to work at the Calvin as a candy girl. I miss that place so much! :(
11/22/2008 - Anne Marie Neubecker
Glad to see this post. I sat through many Beatle Movie Marathons in the Calvin and loved every minute. I think they played all the Beatle movies over and over and my girlfriends and I would spend day and night watching and loving the Beatles. So cool. Went to school down the street at Sacred Heart for seven years, shopped at Muirhead''s, Glass Onion and Wearhouse too. Now, they''re the old days, no, the GOOD old days. :)
11/7/2005 - Brent Bachman
Spent many saturdays at matinees at the Calvin in the 50s. I can see the seating area in my mind. Always sat in the front left of the theatre. Great memories.
1/19/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
Based on this awesome nightime photo, this long-gone movie palace was something to behold. A little nicer to look at than the building that now occupies that portion of the block eh?
1/10/2004 - Cinema Treasures
Built on the site of an earlier theater, the Strand, the Calvin opened in 1927 and could seat around 1300. It also contained an organ. For much of its years in operation, it was part of the Wisper & Wetsman chain. In 1965, it was modernized and began screening second-run films. In 1980, it was gutted by two blazes in the space of two months, and shortly thereafter, the property was acquired by the city of Dearborn and the ruins demolished.
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