Bloomfield Theatre

Address: 34750 Woodward Avenue
City: Birmingham
State: MI
Zip: 48009
County: Oakland
Open: 1937
Capacity: 900
Owner History: United Detroit Theatres
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12/26/2011 - Bill McMillan
I was the projectionist duriing 1972-74. The Studio 4 was across the street, Olga's had her original restaurant down the block near the sister Birmingham Theatre, the restaurants were dry, I loved the carrry-out from Pearl's Chinese restuarant and sometimes the ad agencies would rent the place out to show the latest car ads to clients. Many of the candy girls and ushers were kids of auto execs and drove better cars than me. The theatre was owned by ABC (yes, the network) and we were right next to the Great Lakes bus station. I still remember the diesel fumes. I fun, great place to work. Birmingham was a magical place for an east-side kid from Detroit.
1/10/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
The citys third theater, the Bloomfield was constructed on the east side of Woodward a short distance south of Brown St. Unlike the Kunsk-Birmingham, the Bloomfield was strictly a movie house. It lacked both the large, deep stage of its predecessor as well as dressing rooms for vaudeville performers or actors which might appear from time to time at the older theater. It was also somewhat smaller, seating about 900 patrons.
Bloomfield Theatre - OLD PHOTO
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