New Fremont Theatre

Address: 7 E. Main Street
City: Fremont
State: MI
Zip: 49412
County: Newaygo
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Notes: The Ideal Theatre was opened prior to 1918. Around 1939 it was remodeled to the plans of Johnson Construction Company and renamed New Fremont Theatre. It was the third building from the corner. A small narrow building housing the entrance and lobby that led to the auditorium behind the building. It was closed around 1947. It now houses the Chamber of Commerce.
Info Updates:
3/3/2021 - Andy Gray
Albert S. (Al) Johnson completed a "Fremont Theatre" job but our family records don't provide a project date. His theater job slides also don't include any shots of this theater. Based on the history provided on the Cinema Treasures website, my best guess is that Johnson Construction Company remodeled the theater in 1939 in conjunction with its renaming to the New Fremont Theatre: "The Ideal Theatre was opened prior to 1918. Around 1939 it was renamed New Fremont Theatre... It was closed around 1947. It now houses the Chamber of Commerce." The WaterWinterWonderland site has an image (see below) showing two pairs of the trademark "art moderne" style "Johnson doors" with matching half hexagonal glass inserts. The two films on the marquee in that photo were released in 1939. The New Fremont Theatre was located at 7 East Main Street in Fremont, Michigan. A Google Maps image shows that the former theater building still houses the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.
7/1/2014 - Jason Tubergen
Fremont Cinemas 1027 W. Main Street Fremont, MI 49412 231-355-5033 www. fremontshowtimes. com OPEN 7 days a week.
2/6/2011 - david t anderson
I was born and raised in fremont,always had to go to the movies up town as I lived north about four blocks on division st. my friend Sherwood worked there and we use to go up in the projection room and watch movies and eat real popcorn and yes the popcorn was cheaper then the movie back then!! The older lady that worked there always was nice to me. Had some great memories there. even my mother once took me to see James Bond,you only live twice!! Her favorite movie was Doctor Zhivago and I remember it was a warm summer nite we walked home from the OZ. Fremont was great for walking as with all the sidewalks you could just about go anywhere in town just by walking or riding bikes yes,you could ride bikes on the sidewalks!!Helped my father Fremont Gravel and Construction CO pour a lot of those sidewalk,the money I made I used to go to the OZ and buy comic books at the old newsstand. DTA.
7/27/2008 - B
The comment about the old theater being torn down to make a walkway is true...kind of. There was a theater in Fremont in the 80s that was torn down. However, it was about a block west of the theater that is shown in the photos on this page. That particular theater was located on *West* Main Street - about a half block west of Division on the North side of the street, next to Guiseppe''s Restaurant.

The Fremont Cinema shown in these pictures was on *East* Main Street -

Reber''s in that photo sat on the Northeast corner of Main and Division. Reber''s eventually became Graichens, Graichens eventually closed, and now that is where the One East Main restaurant is located.

In the bottom photo, you can clearly see a building three doors down from the theater with what looks like "crowns" over the windows. They''re still on that building, which is three doors down from the current location of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. The building still exists; it''s just not a theater any more.
9/30/2004 - Troy Burkle
I lived in Fremont until about 10 years ago and I can tell you that the theater in downtown Fremont was called the "Oz" by the locals. It was closed in the late 1980s. The city literally dozed it and made at least partially into a walkway that leads to the parking in the rear of the downtown buildings.
1/30/2004 - WaterWinterWonderland
The long lost Fremont looked to be a typical art-deco dowtown house that would date back to the 40's or late 30's. One of these shots indicates that the current feature was the 1941 Boris Karloff classic, "The Devil Commands." No trace of it appears today, Fremont is now served by a small multiplex, The Fremont Cinemas.
New Fremont Theatre - FROM ANDY GRAY
New Fremont Theatre - OLD PHOTO OF THE FREMONT
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New Fremont Theatre - OLD PHOTO OF THE FREMONT
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