Standish Speedway

City: Standish
State: MI
County: Arenac
Number of visits to this page: 8585
Notes: Dirt Oval
Operating Dates: 1946
Info Updates:
12/22/2011 - Randy
And that address could be a couple #'s off. it would be south of that address (south of Bordeau). and the earthlink satellite view shows a good shot of the track.
12/22/2011 - Randy
the address for the Speedway is: 5037 S Huron Rd, Standish, MI 48658 it is located back behind a cement company (i think who owns the property). Note there are two posting areas for Standish on here, the other one shows pics of the track. too bad it is not up n running as it was a cool fast track.
12/22/2011 - Mike Foshee
Does anyone know the cross streets this track was at?? I have found a picture. but want to make sure this it. Thanks.
2/4/2010 - Bob
I remember attending Saturday Night Races here in the late ''70s. Just one visit though. As I remember, the track was oiled dirt, 1/8th mile or maybe a little longer. I believe that only locals raced here. We had a ton of fun though!
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