Roesink Stadium

City: Hamtramck
State: MI
County: Wayne
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Notes: Dirt Oval
Operating Dates: 1933 & 1934
Info Updates:
7/27/2010 - Dan
I grew up near Hamtramck and my grand father told me that there was indeed a track called Hamtramck Midget Stadium, it is also listed in Dick Lees 1984 Michigan auto racing yearbook as one of many defunct tracks.
11/19/2007 - Steve Wolski
In a book entitled The History of Americas Speedways past and present by Allan E. Brown. He lists a Roesink Stadium- Hamtramck (aka: Kezer Midget Speedway)
1/5 mile dirt oval (1933 - c.8/31/34) torn down in 1941. Also in another publication entitled Auto Racing Memories & Memorabilia. Tom Clark writes in the summer of 1932 that his father took his family to a Midget auto race at Roesink Stadium in Hamtramck, which was a baseball stadium. The cars were all home built and for the most part were powered by motorcycle engines. I am looking for pictures of any of the races to post on this site.
10/15/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
This is an excerpt from an aticle on the Al Blixt racing site. It talks about an interview with Hoard Daulpin Jr and mentions a Hamtramck Speedway. When I spoke to a guy from the Hamtramck Historical society at the Hamtown fest this year he had no idea about any racing in Hamtramck, but this seems to confirm that there must have been. ' In an interview, Howard, Jr. said that the Louis David Offy was the first Offenhauser engine to come to Michigan. He remembered racing at several venues in the Detroit area including the Hamtramck Speedway and indoor racing at the University of Detroit Stadium and the Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum. "
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