Hastings Fairgrounds

City: Hastings
State: MI
County: Barry
Number of visits to this page: 10308
Notes: Dirt Oval
Operating Dates: 1948
Info Updates:
8/1/2010 - Bob Bagin
You can add the new Barry County Fair to your list of speedways. I went there for a flat track motorcycle race during the fair.
2/15/2007 - chip cchc
what you see in this photo is the hasting k-mart.the main road to the north(top)is m-37/43 or state street.to the right is market street.this is where the barry county free fair was held for years.it saw its share or racecars as well as motorcycles and was alwways called a half mile track but seemed much bigger than that.track and grounds we sold out to k-mart and moved west of town to its present location.after a lot of argueing with the horse people we were finally allowed to run a demo derby during the fair in 1970(i think)anyway i won the first event ever at the fair. really get a kick out of your site.thanks
Hastings Fairgrounds - AERIAL PHOTO 2006
Hastings Fairgrounds - TOPO MAP
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