Auto City Speedway

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State: MI
Zip: 48420
County: Genesee
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5/12/2016 - Randy Adam
Very sad news for the Michigan local racing community. legendary announcer, Tom Carnegie Award winning and Race Talk radio show host Larry Loynes passed away last week as he lost his battle with cancer. Larry was the Voice of Auto City Speedway for over 20 yrs along with announcing at Dixie and numerous other tracks. He also was the MC for the MRFC on occasion. He was a husband, father and dear friend of the racing community. He supported local racing with a passion. He also interviewed the likes of Darrel Waltrip, Mario Andretti, Rusty Wallace, Brad Keselowski and others on his Race Talk radio show which was on every Wed night thru-out the summer. I will get some photos to post on here shortly. God Speed Larry.
11/14/2014 - Joe Genise
Sorry to say my Uncle Ken Link passed away. He raced at Auto City when it was dirt late 60's to early 70's. From sportsman to late models. He is how I got bit by the racing bug. He raced down south in later years. Dirt Tracks. He will be greatly missed. He was so proud seeing me race. I race at Flat Rock A. R. C. A. super late models. God Speed Uncle Ken. I know you will be riding shot gun with me. Love you! Joe Genise.
1/28/2014 - Randy
Sad news in the racing community. Sam Wham O'Conner has passed away. He was a racer at heart. Go to Champagne Funeral Chapels (Elkton, MI) for funeral arrangements. His son, Ken (#43), still races competitively around the area. God Speed Mr. O'Conner.
1/28/2014 - billy murawski jr
what a sad day 1-24-14 SAM O'CONNER passed away they had the mod and late model 43 that his son Kenny drives.
1/1/2014 - Joe Genise
Thanks Ron for the post. Ken is well, the old KEN'S MID-TRAIL SHELL, boy did that bring back memories. Thanks again Ron.
11/6/2013 - Ron Hnatio
Joe Genise, Sorry that I don't have any images of your uncle Ken's cars but I remember hanging out at his Shell Station and watching him work on his Mustang. I think he was running at Auto City & Mt Clemens, and once or twice at Flat Rock. Neat guy. I grew up with Vince & Jim Genise in Dearborn Heights. I hope Ken is doing well and you're having fun with the #99. Ron Hnatio.
7/22/2013 - Joe Genise
I was wondering if anyone had pictures from 71-72 and 73-74 my Uncle Ken Link raced there and I would like to know if anyone had pictures. He raced a white 67' fairlane #10 in late model class. And a white 64' fairlane #16 in sportsman class. Thanks Joe Genise. I race A. R. C. A Super Late Models.
4/27/2013 - Randy
April 27th, 2013 is the Season Opener for Auto City Speedway.
9/30/2012 - Randy
well trying this for the second time and sorry it has passed. John Doering Sr. better known as Race Track Jack passed away last weekend 9/23/12 at the age of 78. Jack began his career in racing by working at Flint Ignition Service. He went on to purchase Auto City and Dixie Motor Speedways. He served as owner and operator for over 42 years. Jack was a founding member of the Michigan Speedway Promoters Association. He was inducted into the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame in 1987 and the Greater Flint Area Sports Hall of Fame in 2006. He also owned Auto City Fine Cars and a private high performance carburetor business. Jack was known as a pioneer in the racing industry and one who transformed short track racing from strictly a racing business into a show business. Very sad to hear of local MI legends passing away. such a history. God Speed Mr. Doering.
8/26/2012 - Randy
Been making the rounds to some of the local short tracks and last night at Auto City, I saw Rick Sigsby there with Tony Brabbs. For those of you who don't know who he is, Rick is the author of an awesome book titled Living on the Edge, a History of Auto Racing in Michigan. I bought the book when I saw him at Owosso and it is very interesting as there are chapters from interviews with numerous Michigan drivers. Stories from Brad Keselowski to Bob Senneker to Jack Goodwin to Joy Fair. For any of you who are interested, he has the book for sale and is doing appearances thru-out MI at local tracks. It is available also by going to www dot rsigsby dot com. I think it is well worth the money and great mentions of MI history. Thanks Waterwinterwonderland for supplying us with this site to share local MI information!!. plus I have many pictures I'll be submitting very soon! thanks again.
3/9/2012 - Randy
Looks like Auto City Speedway is going to start the 2012 season on Saturday, APRIL 14th (weather permitting).
2/27/2012 - Randy
Just announced: NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski (driver of the Miller Lite #2 Penske Dodge) will be at Auto City Speedway on Aug 15th, 2012 for an autograph signing. There will be racing that night as well, with Brad waving the green flag for the feature race. Check out the Auto City Speedway website for details, but just wanted to get the word out.
12/23/2011 - Randy
I agree w/DD. Dixie has the 'closest' configuration to MCRT. it would be the more appropriate track to do the Double O at. And I remember seeing the D-O at MCRT during the 'dirt days' and it was awesome with the power slides on the 1/4 going into turns 1 & 2. and there were sooo many cars entered each n every Sat. Man I miss those days!!!.
12/23/2011 - Dave DeHem
Louie, A Double-O has been run at Auto City in the past and everyone was real excited about it. However, with the 1/4 mile and the half mile sharing turn one and half of turn two it was not as impressive as what we had at Mt. Clemens. I am sure that if someone had never seen the Double-O at Mt. Clemens they would have been thrilled. I don't know if they have any plans of doing it again but it was nice to see it tried out. Dixie's configuration is much more suited to do a Double-O in the same fashion as we know it. I just wonder how many drivers today would want to face the risk of the track to track transition.
12/22/2011 - Louie B.
allright this will stirr it a bit. has a double O ever been tried at auto city speedway ? merry christmas to all louie.
12/22/2011 - Randy
Don, you are right, not one single posting. I went to ACS this past year (as I went to a few others as well). Have to give the 'tip of the hat' to Flat Rock. Good car counts and fast paced shows. And I know Terry Jr and he is very content running a Late Model down at FR. In fact he finished in the top 10 in pts his first year (2011). BUT I want to say, in the Flint area are rough economic times (even worse than the Det area) and I think that has to add to the low car counts + fans don't have that extra $ to go each n every weekend. I know there are pros n cons for the success of the track, but I am one to be positive and look at the glass being half full. I totally agree with you, MCRT was the prime spot to race. loved going there when it was dirt (clay) and my dad n I did make it up to ACS (in the dirt days as well). I sure wish MCRT was still around (like the 1,000's of other local race fans). I am looking forward to the 2012 season and will be making the rounds!!! Happy Holidays to all fans of this website and Mr Webmaster!!!.
12/19/2011 - Don
Last Posting 4-20-2011. ? Auto City WAS the action Track of Michigan behind the MOUNT CLEMENS RACE TRACK back in the 1970's and early 80's When WE raced their back when Mt. Clemens went on Strike. Since YOU lost YOUR GOLDEN BOY Terry Bougus JUNIOR it looks like the car counts down? Merry Christmas Everyone Maybe 2012 things will change for the better. ?.
4/20/2011 - Randy
the 2011 race season starts this Saturday (April 23rd) at Auto City.
10/24/2010 - mark kennedy
hay im a big fan of auto -city speedway in the 60s it was my second home /my dad & harold brent drove the #25 & 26 55 chevy and they used a 56 chevy too. and if anybody out there has pics of this car please email them to me. the driver was harold brent thats.
10/1/2010 - Randy A
Racing Championship Night this Saturday Oct 2nd (Template bodies, Mod's & Street Stocks). then on Oct 9th, the last race of the 2010 season at Auto City. the “Mudslinger 100” with the Outlaw Super Late Models. Along with the Super Late Models, a “Run what you Brung” features with the Street Stocks, Pure Stocks & Figure- 8s. They have also added some MadHouse Events (i. e. trailer races, chain-gang races, etc. ).
10/1/2010 - Bill Ross
Wild Willy Rose, if I remember right he use to drive and race a car that John and Roy Fletcher use to own and do the engines for, Fletcher engines on North Dort Hwy. I worked for John and Roy and I remember them talking about Wild Willy. That was in 1989-1990.
10/1/2010 - Bill Ross
Wild Willy Rose, if I remember right he use to drive and race a car that John and Roy Fletcher use to own and do the engines for, Fletcher engines on North Dort Hwy. I worked for John and Roy and I remember them talking about Wild Willy. That was in 1989-1990.
9/26/2010 - Adam Rose
I was hoping someone could give me some info on wild willy (Willard Rose) he used to race there.
1/18/2010 - josh
Hope the new V6 class is a success. Since there will be rental cars maybe I can finally do some racing.
thank for posting the dirt car pics the are sweet !! i love looking at all the old drit car pics from auto city they had the best drivers showing up thier to races the drit .
10/5/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Great night accept for the few but ridiculously long cautions and intermission, to cold for all that. AC is such a great yard, not cookie cutter. Midget race was great, though the MOPAR came second, sucks for me. The new M15 Camaro F stock looked great. He leaned on the 98 a bit, got him loose on the last lap and took the feature. the drive of the 98 was nonplussed and attempted some fisticuffs at the finish line, which was quickly nixed by the officials. Figure 8 was great, lots of close crossing, 1 big collision. What is up with all these angry drivers. It is short track stock car racing you know. Chill out and pay em back next time. Every fender rub should not mean a violent confrontation. Some of these guys have been watching too much NASCAR.
10/1/2008 - Randy
Last race of the season at Auto City this weekend...non-points racing, but should be a good one. Figure 8 invite + Led sleds, Factory stocks & Hornets.
And I want to say thanks to all the fans, drivers and staff this past 08 season!!!
9/3/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
A bit off the subject but has anyone checked out the UK stockcar racing on youtube. Those limeys are nuts. They don''t have yellows!
8/22/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Nate, 4 car dashes or double O''s, it looks like a one track deal?
8/19/2008 - Nate
whitimore does them every night for all classes
8/16/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Dixie did a few times, but Autocity does the four car dash, which sounds simple, but I really like it. Joe, do a double O with bombers!!
8/14/2008 - josh
You know its been a while since I''ve seen an Australian pursuit. Dosn''t anyone do it anymore?
8/4/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
It wasn''t just the amount of yellows, it was how long it took them to be sorted out. There has to be a better system, though I realize that trying to be fair to everyone is the name of the game as it should be and I am not in the tower so my knowledge is limited. In any case it was good to see something besides a Camaro battling in the Factory Stocks. Wild Caprice was actually competitive!
8/4/2008 - Randy
Just''s only a $500 bounty. And have to say thanks to Auto City Speedway for having a kids night...that was awesome for those kids!
Between the numerous bikes and 100 backpacks being given away (add in great weather) it was a great night of racing (despite the yellows)
8/3/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Fun night at Autocity, factory stocks rocked. The energy was awesome. The kids bike race was awesome for the kids. For some reason many yellows took 10 minutes to sort out. The 64 got the raw end of the deal in the bomber feature as the 28 spun out of the lead after apparent very slight contact with the M15 who had a bounty on his head. In my opinion it was the best dive job since Osgood in the playoffs. At first the ruling was for the m15 to be sent to the rear, and then both the 28 and the m 15 and then just the m15. The race restarted with 28 in the lead from the 64 looking to collect the $ 600 bounty on the m15. The m15 then spun at the back of the pack all alone, and as mysteriously as the 28 spinning, could not get the engine to refire. Since the m15 had to be running at the end for the bounty to be collected, the 28 only won the race, not the $600 bounty. Both the 28 and the m15 should have gone to the rear.
But the controversy only added to the fun. I ducked out to see the supers up the road, but nothing compares tot he factory stocks at AC!
7/13/2008 - josh
Why do you want my E-mail?
7/12/2008 - Randy
Josh, can you send me your email address?
7/10/2008 - josh
Raced my cavalier in the king of the hill spectator drags. That was awesome, it was my first time ever racing and it was a blast. I plan on doing spectator drags. Hope someday I''ll get in a real race car.
7/9/2008 - Randy A
I want to give a shout out to NATE #85 Led Sled on his fisrt win and only second time racing at Auto City...good job Nate.
Have to say also...there are some awesome fans showing up at the track and some good ole side by side racing in all divisions!
6/28/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Saturday is going to ROCK. Nate is right on with his comments. Pit Passes are totally worth the cost too! Now if they only had some locally brewed beer such as Bell''s Oberon at the beer booth.
6/25/2008 - Randy
This COMING SATURDAY NIGHT is the “LIPARI PATRIOT 100” for the AUTO CITY SUPER STOCKS (template body) AND they are expecting the LARGEST FIELD OF MODIFIEDS IN THE MID-WEST FOR THE “1st Annual SAM FAUR MOD 70 MEMORIAL RACE”. Also on the bill that night are the Factory Stocks, LED Sleds and the Auto City Figure 8.
6/25/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Oh yeah, do a bomber double O!!!!! Joe
6/25/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Don''t like the tires around the figure 8 track so much, but I love the track. I know the reasons for the tires to guide the cars and spread em out, but personally I thought the side by side craziness was every bit as cool as the close calls at the cross. Ac is really starting to gel, and every show offers a ton of bang for the buck, the figure eight just puts an exclamation point on everything. this place has a charm that other tracks lack. Plus I can sit in the old grandstands that came from the clem. No just lengthen the straights and make it a true half mile, but don''t go strict D shaped like Dixie.
6/23/2008 - Nate
ac is doing a great job god car counts....great staff..and a fun place to race...couldnt ask for more then that
5/25/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Last night the new figure 8 track made a stellar debut. Charging into the first turn, the drivers were a little over zealous, and one car ended up on it''s roof, one went down the outside banking of the third mile and another had it''s front end compacted before one lap was even run. The Cadillac kid prevailed with a wild finish after banging his way past the leader, who ended up getting T boned at the intersection on the way to the checkered. Several cars went airborne at the intersection, as the figure 8 track isn''t very wide and dirt driving became mandatory, turning the cross into a jump. Wow! The modified feature was great with side by side racing for the lead for 10 straight laps from lap 15 to 25, with Joe in the #84 prevailing. factory stock count could have been higher, but with them running at Dixie too don''t know what could have been done. The faster FS cars were definitely at AC. There were 23 cars for the led Sled Bomber feature, including the Tater and several others that came from Dixie after the feature there and it was a remarkably clean affair considering the three and four wide racing. Best Bomber feature I have seen since Mt Clemens racetrack in about 1978. When I arrived midway through the evening from Dixie, the parking lot and stands were 3/4 full.
5/24/2008 - Kitty Cat
Looking forward to the figure 8 at Auto City tonight!! Staff is doing a wonderful job. Bring your friends, and familys tonight!
5/22/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I think a TV spot might help. I been seeing Milan dragway adds on TV and I barely watch TV. I been hearing them all over the radio on WDFN too. Who listens to DFN, let''s see, fathers with sons looking for something fun to do on a saturday night. Great track, but when I tell people I''m going to watch the races at Autocity or Dixie or even Toledo they look at me like I''m from mars and say, "i didn''t know there was a track there, you mean like NASCAR" and then i have to explain to them for 5 minutes what the heck short track racing is and where it is and yada yada yada. ADVERTISE! near Detroit and the Northern burbs, please.
5/21/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Hey racers, you should have websites or myspaces so fans don''t have to guess where they are racing. We come to see you guys, so make your selves easy to find. Many of us would rather watch you guys at the short tracks than Dale Jr. at Daytona.
5/21/2008 - Randy
Also want to ad, Joe "is" pumped and his passion to make his track a premier track in the "Midwest" is only growing.
Those track improvements don''t come free by any means.
I want to thank Joe for the opportunity to be a part of the AUTO CITY SPEEDWAY family.
5/21/2008 - Randy
First and formost, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to the Yee family as Stan Yee Sr. passed away this weekend. He was a true legend and total gentleman. He owned cars that raced thru out Michigan/Ohio and his son (Stan Yee Jr.) is still an active driver. Stan Yee Jr. had plans on being at ACS this upcoming weekend, but obviously plans have changed.

Stan Yee Sr. owned the infamous late model #33. I do remember him owning the #68 Sportsman that ran at Mt. Clemens back in the 60''s.
Again, I pass on my condolenses to the Yee family.

Secondly, thank you Sean for the mention...every weekend seems to grow on me. Working with the infamous Larry Loynes is a total pleasure. Also, want to give out kudo''s to the whole Auto City Speedway Staff...their passion for short track racing is very admirable and I look forward to the season growing in numbers (both fans & drivers).

AND a major THANK YOU to Waterwinterwonderland for having this site & form to update all fans, race historians and curiousity seekers on all the past, present and future information.
5/19/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Went to AC and Dixie last night. had a short talk with Joe, he really seems pumped, it was good to pick his brain. I get the feeling he is for co-op-petition between the two tracks. The Figure 8 track is in at AC!!!!!!!!!. The car count seemed to be around 14 of everything at both tracks. Mike Walther made his first apperance in the # 5 "hooked up on Jesus" 73 Nova. Took the 4 car dash in the Factory Stocks .I believe Robbie Johnson takingt he feature, which I missed cause I was up the road watching the Mods. The Bombers were better at AC than dixie, I suspect it was the track combined with the drivers. The Hornets were great. Tough luck to Page Amy, she drove well and got caught up in a spin coming out of Turn four three wide with Mike Walther''s son''s pickup. It wasn''t all her fault, but she got put back and still came home 4th in the feature. The walking taco hit the spot. Love the 4 car dashes, takes me back to Mt Clemens. The odd shape of the track has grown on me.
While enjoyed both tracks, and it was cool being able to go between the two, I think the fans are suffering with both running Saturdays. Maybe go back to the way it was, alternate sat and Fridays between the two or even run Sunday afternoons. Randy called a good feature and is getting better every week.
5/12/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Better field of cars last night (Friday). Went here instead of Toledo, because the Factory Stocks and Led sleds and Modifieds at AC are every bit as fun as the supers at Toledo and I was rewarded with great, sometimes 4 wide racing. The 1/3 mile in the center is awesome. Camaro fighting broke out in the factory Stocks and it was a great show. On the waty there I stopped at the whistle Stop Diner in Clio, had a great sandwhich and the older waitress, who was a doll, told me how her girlfriend was engaged to Al Kookla and broke it off casue he refused to quit racing. He got in an accident right after that she says, and she thought he was killed. He is alive as I saw him race there last year. the only driver still racing there that raced there on opening night according to larry Lyons.
Stop in at teh whistle Stop for dinner on the way to the track. I guarantee you like it a lot better than Mickie Dees or Subway
5/10/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
That is great to hear John, thanks. I live near the D and I haven''t heard anything on our sports stations, one of which does a nascar show. WDFN on Tuesday Nights. I constantly call in and try and pimp AC to the listeners, but AC needs to advertise outside it''s limited market. i drive 200 miles round trip to AC and if more people knew about it , they would too. But keep listening and keep me posted please. I was going to go to Toledo this friday for the supers, but that place just feels wrong compared to the friendly confines of AC. See you friday at AC.
5/8/2008 - josh
I just heard a radio ad for Auto City the other day advertising the legends. I think Saturday was when I heard it, not sure. I don''t remember what station.
5/8/2008 - Randy
it is deamed to be great weather for the weekend and AUTO CITY SPEEDWAY will be racing FRI & SAT this weekend (9th & 10th).
Two great nights of racing.
Friday will be Modifieds and other classes and Saturday will be the fire breathing winged warriors of the AUTO VALUE SUPER SPRINTS plus regular racing as well.
Hope to see you there.....
5/6/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I just heard two radio spots while driving through the D on wdfn for Milan Dragway. I don''t understand why short tracks as great as AC and Dixie don''t do the same.
4/24/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I went the opening friday. there was a surreal vibe in the air. It had a real, track that time forgot feel. It was a really interesting and good night of racing. No wrecks and good close racing, and i got home at a decent hour. The car count was low, yet there was something about the night that felt great. I have rally come to appreciate the uniqueness of both the 7/16 and 1/3 mile ovals. I think economically things are changing and maybe we have to like it for what it is. I also think everyone should start running of ethonal, not just made from corn, but from sugar cane and hemp. There is enough decaying vegi matter to make all the fuel any racer ever needed. Corn''s not very nutritious anyway, unless your a cow. Grow food for humans and fuel and less to feed food with food.
4/17/2008 - Randy
The Auto City SEASON OPENER starts this weekend - FRI & SAT - I am so glad the 2008 season is getting under way!!! Please support local racing in your community...
4/7/2008 - Randy
Thanks all and looking forward to working with Larry Loynes in this 2008 Season.
Remember season opener is April 18th & 19th.
see ya at the track...
4/3/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
way to go Randy!!!!
4/2/2008 - Nate
i would like to announce that one of our wn will be working at the track...he has a great gift of gab..and i will see him saterday at practice...randi welcome aboard..we will love listening to wont take long before you know all are names...dont rip on us to sure it will be a great way to express some opinons you have...and i like the idea of what we talked about saterday..that i bet you could get joe to let you do...good job and welcome
3/19/2008 - josh
Almost their, can''t wait till the track opens up.
3/11/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Thanks, for that clarification. I remember one of the lines from the story always stuck in my head and that was, "we got to john and his shoes were off" . I think I actually have the article buried someplace. I also have an issue about the north West Camaro fighting shoot out, in Nashville. I guess they made Jr Hanely go home because his car was allegedly half Mustang half Camaro. Those were the days eh?
3/10/2008 - Dave DeHem
John Doering was hurt in the early 80''s down in Florida while driving an experimental/developmental chassis for Ed Howe. I remember the statement in "Stock Car Racing" magazine at the time from Ed Howe about how when he got to the car that John was bleeding from his ears, nose, and mouth and that how terrible he felt that his friends (Jack Doering) young son got hurt this badly in one of his race cars. The accident happened in Florida but I am not sure if it was at Volusia County or not. We all know that John recovered and went on to a stellar career. Doering used to drive house cars on the dirt for Ed Howe.

I was also at the last night of dirt for Auto City. I towed my nieghbor''s street stock up there for the races that night and stood in the pit sign in line with Butch Miller. I don''t think we were very well accepted when we pulled in with a Mt. Clemens asphalt car and a snazzy new trailer to haul it with. In the feature my nieghbor stuffed one of the regulars in the fence on the front stretch and that made us a little less popular than we already felt. We kind of didn''t say much, loaded the car up after the feature and kinda sorta snuck on out of the gate. We figured that with Mt. Clemens closed and three of us in the nieghborhood having ready to go race cars, we might try Auto City. After that incident we stayed away for awhile. Ended up going back the next year with some other displaced Mt. Clemens guys and had a ball.
3/8/2008 - Nate
i remember..i was there the last race also...the name your thinking of is denis berry..was a great driver now helps his kid travis berry run..those where the good old days
3/3/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
No relation, sorry. No unfortunately I don''t remember back that far. I remember as a kid reading about Doreing having a horrible wreck though in Stock Car. I think that was at AC. They had lot''s of pictures of him in the Olympia car on Dirt practicing so I assume it was AC. I was a Detroit kid in the 70''s so Mt CLemens was where i went. Lot''s of talk that Tricity should go dirt.
3/2/2008 - Buzz Sodeman
Interesting to see the name Sean Fitzgerald, we have a racer out here in the southwest who lives in Las Vegas that used to race under the name Dan Sean but now uses his real name, Dan Fitzgerald.

Does Sean remember when the Auto City Speedway was two dirt ovals? I was at the very last race before they went to asphalt, I believe they called it "The Mudslinger" something or other.

Seems the big racers back then were Ray Daniels and a Berry, as well as the usual cast of drivers from the Detroit area.
2/21/2008 - Nate
naaaaa...the hot dogs with a pile of onions and mustard...mmmmmmmmmmm gooooood
2/20/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Uh I mean craving,.....
2/19/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
It''s febuary 19th, 11:45 am, it''s 15 degrees and I am graving an Auto City walking Taco in the worst way, oh and the sound of factory stocks. Hopefully we will tale gate before the opener. Anybody heard from Mark Johnson #94?
2/13/2008 - Gary Lindahl
just a quick note to let you know that the racers reunion at the Toledo Speedway bar&grill is saturday march 15th from noon til 6pm followed by an always well atttended fan club meeting at 6:30pm. Its a great day of bench racing and close to 8000 plus pics on display from all the area tracks and we would enjoy to have a feww more from auto city. we sure have a soft spot for auto city, having announced the final dirt race and the first pavement race there for you trivia buffs. By the way Claude, we always look forward to our beer meetings in the bar during glass city weekend. join us the 15th, See Ya!
2/11/2008 - Claude Plante
Wow, thanks for that Nate. Always makes a driver feel good to hear that. Make sure when you see me there or Dixie to say hello and introduce yourself, Claude
2/8/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I agree with Nate on getting rid of the thunder trucks. It''s ust another v8 based bomber class with different bodies. Rather see 50 bombers than 25 bombers and 25 Thunder trucks and a new class based on a different engine type like 4cyl late models.
2/8/2008 - Nate
claude just to let you know your my favorite super out there.i love the way you drive.balls to the wall..and that your aggresive out there..when most of the others are not...i think it is a shame that joe has only got you guys there 4times he should add another 4 on even it out..and get rid of the thunder trucks...

joe has alot to deal with.with dixie moving to fridays..alot of people and drivers are mad over it..joe is doing the right thing by utilizing the friday night..but i think dixie will be back to fridays with in the is up and coming real fast with all the upgrades that are being done and well over if joe would put a sign out there thats all digital and say what races are coming and there for the weekend..i think he would see more people in the stands as well...cuz at night it look like a vacant lot out would not know there is a track there..but i cant wait there are going to be more cars there this year..the track has not changed sense i was a kid(dirt to pavment)these changes are a sight for sore eyes,,all joe needs to do is ask and ill give him a hand in what ever he needs help pretty good at painting

ran-man whats up are right joe is trying his butt off..i think he really does care about his track,his fans,and his drivers,,he made a couple a remarks last year and i think he kicked himself in the butt for it..joe is listening to all opinons on maybe there might be a change in the the schedual for the supers and some others things..

sean owasso lost there court battle and they will run saterdays..they are allowed to run one friday a year..thats for the invitational weekend..

2/4/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
It depends on us getting behind Autocity and pushing. Bring someone with you to the track. Drop off schedules and posters at your local murry''s, churches (not that I advocate going to church, hee hee), cafes, bars, etc. Tailgating is gonna be fun. I was youtubing the other day and found a video of suped up honda''s cavilers and neons, racing,these were not yer clunkers either, these were fast. It was somewhere in the midwest. I think Joe has something like this up his sleeve.
2/4/2008 - Randy
Thank you Claude, and that was a good race from what I can remember.

Now as far as 2008 Auto City Speedway goes, I know that Joe is wanting this year to be the best and most memorable yet. He has tried to fill the summer with a variety of racing as you can tell from the schedule. Joe has the plans in place and he is moving forward with them. Understand that he is doing numerous improvements AND creating new events (i.e. figure 8 racin for example).

It is a lot to do all at in one season. But Joe does care and does want what is best for the drivers, crews, fans and staff. Only thing is, it is hard to appease all...I mean just look at all the rules for tech that need to be implemented and then policed, far less locking in sponsorship for all the events. Then try and make everyone happy...tought job.

This is a major challenge, but Joe is up for it and I know he will do the best he can...and if we (fans, drivers, crews and staff) support his rules, track and events...this could be one of the top notch variety series tracks around. I am not that big of a drift fan, but is there another track out there doing this?

I am looking forward to the 08 Season and wishing Joe all the luck as well as all the drivers/crew/fans/staff to have this season be the best yet.

Again, the success of any track or establishment depends on the fans getting out there and supporting them.
2/1/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Claude, all I can say is I hope you guys have good nights and good car counts. I had a few issues with AC last year from a fan standpoint, but joe addressed these and he really seems to care. I hope people support him and AC all they can. I think he gets it. That is rare indeed and good to see. Good owners are super hard to find. That is from a fan standpoint, I have no idea what it is like from a driver standpoint, YET.........!
2/1/2008 - Claude Plante
Well, I see they are only having us Supers there 4 times this year and they are all 100 lap races. All on Fridays except the 4th which is a Thurs. This is kinda tough because Fridays were so tough for us to make.

They had us scheduled for 8 last year and actually had some decent car counts on most nights. I was hoping for more for us.

BTW Randy, cool pics, I see you have one of the starting lineup from one of my races this year, just happen to finish second that night.
1/30/2008 - Randy
WELL IT''s OUT...check out the busy and full 2008 Season Schedule for AUTO CITY SPEEDWAY....
1/29/2008 - Randy
Hey, if you have been driving by Auto City Speedway, you might notice the big sign out front is knocked down...well that was not the wind...It was some lady doing a ''Dukes of Hazzard'' stunt accidently. Joe is working on getting it back together but it is damaged pretty good.

Also, just so you know things are moving forward on the improvements. Can''t wait to hear the motors winding again.

The NEW opening dates for Auto City now are April 18th & 19th. So standby!!!
1/18/2008 - Randy
Josh...if you have second thoughts about drivin, lemme know...I''ll get in that ride and drive!!!
it''s been a while, but if it has a gas pedal, brake and roll cage, that''s all I need...
1/17/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
same night as the mcrt reunion. Now that''s a banquet of Champions!
1/17/2008 - Randy
Saturday, Jan 26th is the Banquet of Champions for Auto City Speedway, details are on the website.
1/10/2008 - Nate
josh no matter what class you will be nervous...everybody gets them..start in the hornets the cars are slower and just as that class you can learn the track..learn where and when to let off when to hit just have to have some big may think you have them now...but you get in that car and watch them shrink....but to be scared your going to be....

if you ask any driver and they tell you they never get scared...there lying....for one your trying to control something out of control...your pooper will pucker...then an accident happens right in front of you....yes it is scary out there...but thats the best part...but just buckle up and do it...and you will over come your fears...but they will still be there you just wont show them.....ask chad lampson if he was scared when his throttle stuck wide open during a f8 race that totaled his car when he hit the wall head on....and he is the best in this class...just go have fun and if you finish 5 laps down so did it
1/9/2008 - Randy
Nate is totally is all about having fun, competing AND in the stands. Auto City is very family/kid friendly. One area in the stands right at the flagstand is NON-ALCOHOLIC which is nice for a family to sit and enjoy the races and still be right there at the finish line.
Anytime I have been out to Auto City has been fun (some nights in the fall can get brisk, but still fun).
The count down to April 19th has begun.
1/9/2008 - josh
I''ve never raced before at all. I don''t know what class it will be. It maybe the hornet class, i don''t know. It all depends on what my friend will put me in or who he can get to let me drive there car. I''ve always wanted to try this, but don''t have the money to do this. But someone may finally give me the chance.

I''m kinda afraid to do this though. being that close to other drivers, I don''t know. It may take some time for me get on the track and race. I just need to get some practice in and see how it goes. If I do really get into this I would like to drive factory stocks someday.
1/8/2008 - Nate
josh what class do you plan on racing...i race in the led will have a blast no matter what class you race..but leave it as are out there to have are going to make mistakes...dont take it hard...some people out there take this really serious...they all forgot that this is a hobby...not a way of life...i am one of those people..who will be your friend in the pits and as soon as that helmet get way of thinking will make alot of new friends off the track...but on the track its every man for themselves....

just remember to have fun and dont loose that....if youve ever drove in los angles during rush hour..thats the way it is in the race..your ears become your second will be out of your relm if you do not use the tools you have..set up is the most important thing there is..your engine is not..but you need a durable engine...your car does not need to be pretty..cuz it wont be that way long..just remember have fun thats all you have to do...nathan lehotan wolfpack racing#85
1/8/2008 - Randy
Josh...where did you race before? Auto City has a fast small track with a good banked "D" shaped oval as the larger one. With the improvements mentioned, it should be good for participants and fans. Give it a shot, see if ya like it...I think you will.
1/7/2008 - josh
Can''t wait, hopefully this year I''ll be out there racing. Never raced raced before, hope its as awesome as everyone says it is.
1/6/2008 -
well guys as far as i know a few racers are talkin about having a bonfire the night before with some drinks....bring wood and bring a tent
1/5/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Now if they would only fix the big track and make it an actual 1/2 mile high banked, bigger that dixie. The longer the straights the better!
1/5/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
I am completely stoked for this. This is great news Randy! Thanks
1/3/2008 - Nate
cant wait its getting closer to race time
12/18/2007 - Randy
Construction is all ready underway on several upgrades to be premièred upon the opening of the 2008 season. Upgraded track lighting to accommodate the newly installed paving of the figure 8 course and a new 7000 Sq. Ft. Tech Tunnel + Warehouse building will be the most obvious at first glance. Other facility upgrades will be ongoing as the season wears on, most to be completed by early summer. Not only the Speedway itself is getting a facelift, the 2008 show schedule will include 12 Friday night shows in addition to the 26 scheduled Saturday night shows. The expanded schedule will debut two new classes of racecars not previously seen at the Clio Speed Plant, the AC8’s & Sportsman. They will be added to the line up with Auto City’s six other car divisions.

According to Joe DeWitte the owner & promoter of the Auto City Speedway, the aforementioned changes are a vital part to Auto City Speedway’s Mission of providing “An Experience that Makes the Weekend Better” The Auto City Speedway intends to blaze new trails in the 2008 season with a commitment to service where the Drivers and Guests are always our priority. With a staff committed to the core values of being excellent – not average, enjoying what you do, respecting diversity, making a difference in our community, the 2008 season promises to be more exciting than ever before!
12/13/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I moo be dat. the 19th can''t come soon enough for me. We should do a tailgate.
12/13/2007 - nathan
yes ran man i will be there racecar and watch ill set fast not
12/12/2007 - Randy
Just FYI, Auto City''s 2008 opening date is April 19th!!!
12/12/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
And I''m NOT talking about drifting. And don''t forget, kids are the future of the sport, without them, there won''t be any tracks for the future. And it isn''t just kids. Many of the people that race at waterford and Gratten and Gingerman aren''t kids. Like I say, broaden your horizons and grow the sport. reach out to and get people interested that never thought that Autocity or Dixie could be a place for them.

It''s worked for the NBA, NHL, NASCAR. One way to do that would be to present them with a class of cars they enjoy, just like you enjoy late models. I personally like somethings and not others, but I recognize that some people enjoy what I don''t. I don''t like Legends and the bombers at Toledo, but someone does and good for them. Great time for me to go get a walking taco or a coffee when they''re running.
12/12/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
The 4 cylinder cars at Waterford are real race cars, trust me, full cages, fire systems etc. And any car can''t hit those speeds safely lap after lap after lap will going up and down hills around tight curves, down a backstretch outpacing a corvette and a porche and into hard right hander, while sometimes picking two wheels off the ground. I think it would be interesting to see, not stupid. Thanks
12/11/2007 - nathan
well im sorry sean that just sounds stupid...they have no place on the big track..there 4cycl...terry is right you would be defeding the purpose...any car can reach those speeds if you give them the room to do it..that big track is for real race cars that at least have a v8..i want to see real racecars not 4 bangers anyway..the kids today well they can have there drifting...thats boring to watch anyways...i want to see racing...not how long i can keep the back end sideways...whitmore has a great 4 cycl class that are really fast and put on great races...better then what ac has would be great for this class at whitmore cuz its the bes 4 banger class out there..and ac is a fast 1/4 mile track...and the best 1/4 mile in the state
12/10/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I said, don''t do a low buck 4 banger series. Not a bomber style. Do a late model style, or something the sportscar guys at waterford could do. Get the road racers involved. Strenght in #s. The 4 bangers at Waterford routinely top out over 110 on the backstretch, in fact Chris Smiths itb prizm was clocked at 129 at Mid Ohio. These are seriously tight race cars and all meet SCCA standards for safety.
12/10/2007 - Terry Bogusz Jr.
When you have classes running on the half mile or big track, SAFETY is the biggest concern. Our pro late models are reaching 120 to 130 mph entering turn 3. You can not just put a low buck or beginner class on the half mile. It will start costing to much and you defeat the purpose.

I will be racing at a/c in 2008. I hear we may have over 20 cars, wait and see? Also I will be racing the USPRO series.
12/4/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I agree about the trucks, Let them go to factory stocks or bombers and no offense to anyone, I''m sure they are fun to drive, but if I never see another legends race it''s all the same to me.
12/4/2007 - Randy
Gotcha...hmmm...sounds interesting to me! I''d watch it if there was enough participants.
12/4/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I guess what i''m saying is a "bucks up" four banger class on the big track, not a bomber style class. It might attract some of the Waterford guys. Make the rules the same as Improved Touring A or B or spec neon. They run Crate motors and shock packages and they fly. I mean a tricked out civic on turning 16''s would be sweet.
12/3/2007 - Randy
I think with the HORNETS that kinda is in the same realm...but maybe opening a second class as the low dollar import tuner division might be an idea. I hate to say, but the truck division at Auto City could be scrapped (and no offense to those drivers or fans but there are only 6 to 8 competitors in that class) and incorporate a tuner thing...but just kickin around ideas at the water cooler.
12/1/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Tuners are cool, but what I meant was, have a division of 4 bangers that youger folks and some older folks find attractive that is not based on the clunkeer ideal, but on the Late Model or Super ideal. Glad to here about the tech improvements.

That''s gotta make the drivers happy. And I believe Joes open minded approach will ultimately go further than the NASCAResq, attitudes of my way or the highway that some other tracks may be more given to.
11/30/2007 - Randy
Sean, odd thing about the TUNER deal, but Auto City does host a ''drift event'' and oddly enough, Joe had success on Friday''s with it, BUT Mr. Kern said that was crossing the agreed line and Joe (in respect) changed it to Sundays last year and had minimal success. FRIDAY is the tuner / drift night, and I am sure Joe is thinking this too.
Reports are the old tech building is now torn down and the new supplies are coming in this month.
And yes there is a plan for a figure 8 track at Auto City...
Joe is very open minded and he is wanting to do the best for fans and drivers.
11/30/2007 - Terry Bogusz Jr.
sean, THANK YOU for the support! I just got back on this site, been working alot and getting ready for 2008 season. Stop by my pit area next time and say HI!
11/29/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Here''sa crazy thought. What about leagues. One track versus the other tracks team. Don''t know how you''d do it, but eh, just a thought.
11/29/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I guess there is no advantage, it''s just game on, winner take all. Sad. Kern is making a business decision. He'' right about saturdays. I hate drivin like a mad man on Fridays to get to the track. I have heard autocity is adding a figure 8 track. I think autocity will work best for a double O and when I asked Kern about it he said no way. I think autocity needs to attempt to appeal to the tuner market. Maybe a late model style not junker 4 cylinder class.

Standing outside Trixie''s on Gratiot on a weekend night I see tons of tricked out 4 bangers. A class of slammiin hondas, neons and cavilers would absolutely rock! These are the kids that are what hot rodders used to be. Attract them, grow the sport. I would also like to see one of the good things about Toledo, the non clunker Figure 8 cars make there way north. I never need to see another legend race as long as I live. The VOR cars a cool though, but what about a reral coup reunion. Autocity would be perfect setting for all of this. I love the stands at Dixie, but autocity just has a feel to it.

Not sure why. It would be a shame to lose it, so we better support it. Joe seems opened to suggestion, and he seems like he is the type that is willing to admit he doesn''t know everything or that things change so what ya know ain''t always what ya know.
11/27/2007 - Nate
sean ac is talking about a f8 track ...i hope they do..i like the double0 add maybe someone should email joe about have to let joe think he came up with lighting to suppose to be up b4 next year..and a new tech barn
11/27/2007 - Randy
Sean, I do agree that a double "O" would be a crowd pleaser...only thing is, neither track is accurately setup for it to have that impact of what Mt. Clemens did.

BUT if it were to be, I think AC would be the track of choice due to the smaller track...I do remember AC hosting a BUS Double "O" event not to long ago.
11/21/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I have to agree that the small track is the best factory Stock racing still left (teh Clem was perfect). With the two tracks at autocity being somewhat close in straight to turn ratios,putting the factory stocks on the half and running a double O would seem to make since from a gear ratio standpoint. That is oene way thi strack could compete with Dixie,. that and adding a figure 8. I predict first track to run a Double O scores a coupe. What ya think Randy??
10/15/2007 - Randy
Went to the SWAP meet this past weekend at Auto City Speedway and have to say, it was good to see so many vendors (i.e. Tony Brabbs, Larry (& Leo) Plamondon, etc.). and good handful of stock cars being sold for the right reason (people moving up to different classes). I am already wired for next year...
10/2/2007 - Nate
randy i dont know what you said to joe or what you guys talked about.but after your guys meeting.the track really started to come least from the spectater side..the racing has been great.the stands look good.joe is started to come around..although i havent been in the pits in was slow at the start but looking was a great end to a season i thought..they just need to come up with there own name for the super shoe..that is kzoo race
9/28/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I got a response from Joe about advertising. He said he tries but the stations outside his local market are funny about selling time to those not in the area and charge more accordingly. Perhaps if he had schedules and posters we could help him out by passing em around. I think all the local tracks should have a both at Autorama. Maybe this site should have one. Seems like Joe is another think outside the box guy like Kern. I think that is evidenced by his willingness to use the track for non stock car racing events like drifting and cycles. I have also heard the factory stock count has been higher lately and that the earlier program related delays have been solved.
9/28/2007 - Randy
Auto City is hosting the 1ST ANNUAL CLIO SPEEDPLANT SUPER SHOE ALL CLASSES + LEGENDS & Spector Drags on Sept 29th.

And the weather is supposed to be great, so support your local racetrack and make it out there before there is no more racing for the season...
9/18/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
As sent to Dixie, Toledo and Autocity: because I'' am sick of watching tracks die!

Once again I have seen several Milan Dragway ads full of color and sound on the the little box what has the fellar in it theat talks, you know TV. Hello, do any of you have season championships happening? Advertise!!!!!! Outside of the small market you are in, are plenty of people that love racing that are clueless to the very fact that any of you tracks actually exist. I know your product is better than Nascar! I talk to people all the time who like racing that are shocked to learn they have two good 4/10''s mile oval that put on great shows and one 1/2 mile oval right in there own back yards. I hype your tracks everytime I meet one of these people, even on stage at my shows. From what I am hearing, everyone''s stands, except for Dixie''s are half empty. How are people sposed to find you if they don''t know you exist. Jeeez, why is this so obvious it hurts? Sean

9/18/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Why is there no figure 8 track here?????? Yes I know Joe probably has has an answer, all race track owners do. I meant it rhetorically. There should be a figure 8 track here.
9/17/2007 - Dalton
It has been a great season, once again. I have had the pleasure of seeing the championship this year and I am honored at the fine talented racers that come out faithfully every weekend. Hats off to everyone for a great year! I would also like to congratulate led sled-888 for his fantastic show, he has surely grown in his skill and attitude, I hear some folks at NASCAR had actually tried to set up some time with him for circuit runs. Great JOb....
9/11/2007 - Randy
OK...I was at Auto City this past weekend and the super''s show started out CRAZY...on the first ''half lap'' all heck broke loose in turns three & four with one driver (16 years old) flipping and resting on his roof. He was OK and that is the best part. Took a while to get things back rolling (as that was not the only car inolved), but ended up being some good racing right to the LAST lap where again in three & four a few of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place cars tangled.

The factory stocks put on there good show as always and the Lead Sleds...what can I say, just some hard racing.

It was good to see all the kids enjoying themselves as the KID NIGHT seemed to be a success. Thanks to Cathy (and ACS staff) for putting forth the effort to make that enjoyable for the kids and the sponsorship that gave away the kids bike and the ATV.

Season Championship Night is this Saturday night -SEPT 15th. come on out and support your favorite racer!!! THIS IS NOT THE LAST NIGHT OF RACING for the season.
9/4/2007 - Randy
WELL...My hats off to Joe at Auto City Speedway...what an awesome night of racing this past Saturday. The late model 100 lapper was great (I liked the touch of a Pace Car to set the atmosphere)...good job there John Gregga as you ''spanked'' the field. Good MOD racin as well...really thought seeing Tony Brabbs back that he was going to show ''em how it''s done, but with ''heated'' racing...sometimes you gotta come back and get ''em next week.

Also notable mentions go out to Timmy Nears, Larry Palondon (for just hard racin) and kudo''s to Jay Woolworth for being the class act he is and showing no retaliation - as he was only leading some pace laps to get caught up with someone elses heated driving antics. Those Factory Stocks so remind me of the Sportsman class at Mt. Clemens Racetrack back in the that kinda racin''

And even though they are not my favorites, how about 13 year old (I am pretty sure) Hannah Christianson setting a new track record in the Hornets class.

And if I am not mistaken, that fireworks display was bigger than 4th of July''s (a thank you to GLS Union for that, the kids loved it). Made for a longer night, but did add to the show...

I know there was a scoreboard glitch, but that is a ''mechanical'' was no bid deal to me, but they did get it workin...


Well worth the trip...
8/18/2007 - Nate
i love this track,i cant wait till next year when i get to race it..both tracks put on really great shows...the 1/4 mile has some of the closets finishes,,how about jay whoolworth wining in reverse in the middle of 2 cars on the out and inside that was dont see that everyday
8/15/2007 - Randy
It is good to see others jumping in here commending Auto City...I spoke to a crew member from Stan Yee Jr.''s car and he said they were up there for the first time a couple weeks ago and said it was a nice track...
8/13/2007 - Randy
I have to say, keep the faith with Auto City. There are many things that are happening with this track. Joe is dedicated and is totally devoted to improving Auto City. Everything takes time & most of all $$$. He does want to keep the fans happy and good racing happening there. Of coarse there is a difference between Joe and Mike (from Dixie) as Joe got into owning Auto City as a partnership, then bought out Dr. Bob once the Dr. wanted out. Mike was a racer and now is an owner. And I know both respect each other as tracks being so close in vacinity. Auto City has been around for years and Joe wants it to be aroound for many more (as I hope so too). thanks Auto City for keeping the gates open...let'' go racin'' boys!!!
8/12/2007 - Honey
Auto City had one of the best show of the year last night. 25 super''s lead the race.a lot of family fun. Fan fortune night was a new idea. I got a chance to enter to win $100.00, I did''t, but some lucky dog did. My husband got a free bag of popcorn. We really injoyed ourselves last night. Great show Joe!
8/1/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Interesting that both Autocity and Dixie have turned loose the Factory Stocks on their bigger tracks lately, allowing them to run as sportsman. That is the coolest think I have seen in a while. Perhaps they should get together and do a sportsman blowout with Double O''s. For all the glitches Autociy is a great yard and going to Dixie the last few weeks has made me appreciate the uniqueness of both Tracks.
8/1/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Just to let randy and Nate know, I did get a response from Autocity asking for patience, so they do care and they do understand some things need to be addressed. Also gave me a link for a free admission. I think it came from Joe too. On a side note, it seems every other weekend when I''m headed off to a track I here loud commercials telling me about what going on at a drag strip somewhere. Maybe the circle track owners should do the same sort of thing.
7/31/2007 - Honey
Love goiing to Auto City.
7/24/2007 - Randy
Doesn''t anyone else on here go to this track? All I see is Nate, Sean and I...
7/5/2007 - Randy
Louie, you are correct, the high banked turns were 1 & 2. That was when the track was clay. If you go into the track enterance and look to your right, you see a gravestone that has the DIRT racing dates and 85 was the end of dirt there. All I have to say is "where are the pictures" of that renovation as that must have been something to see! Also speaking of dirt at AC, always good to see Wayne Bailey watching the races. He is such a good guy...keeps saying he''s too old to get back at it, but what great stories he has.
7/4/2007 - louie bennett
am i correct at one time turn one & and two were extremely high banked ...? what year was it reduced to it''s current level before being paved mid season 1985-------------have a great dry year
6/28/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I''ll be there this weekend and tuesday. It sounds awesome. Just hope they don''t give away bagels and cardboard cut outs for 45 minutes again though. that sucked a lot, LOL
6/25/2007 - Randy
The show this past weekend was awesome. What a great feature for the outlaws! Seeing Harold Fair JR was a little bit of a surprise and a few others as well. Great weather and looked like a pertty good crowd...and of coarse the turn out of racers. The upcoming events this Saturday and next Tuesday should be some awesome action. Check the website for the details...I know I will be there both nights.
6/17/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Terry Bogusz Jr., #71, great run last night and class move after the tussle in turn four. You battled hard. I was rootin for ya. It was a pretty annoying night there last night which is odd, at such a normally well run track.
6/4/2007 - Randy
ALl I can say for the past few weeks, is RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY!!!
6/3/2007 - Nate
i agree the supers count at the track is way low all the classes are low even the bombers but i gotta say go bubba...he lives down the road from me his name is shawn whitney and boy that guy is going to go somewhere...he even drives in asa he has talent
5/25/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Hey Randy, not sure what the reason was. for the ridiculous outlaw count. We shall see what the car count is at Dixie tomorrow. The factory stocks are awesome at Autocity and it''s almost worth going more for them. They should do a a 50 lapper for the factory stocks on the half mile! It would be like a latemodel race from 1980. Also, I can''t stand template late models. Make em outlaw bodies again. Templates don''t look anything like real cars anyway, so what''s the difference? At least out laws have some personality. Either race real cars or don''t, but don''t try and be in between, real Street Stocks and outlaw late models, that''s the ticket.
5/24/2007 - Randy
Sean...I have been there for the supers and seeing 11 competing is more than I''ve seen there before...I remember only 6 (maybe 7 as one did not make the feature) and that was very sad...economy driven think and the purse probably
5/22/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
I was at the Speedway on Saturday for the Super show. I like the track and the way the shows there are run a lot. I enjoy the fact there is no invocation at the start of the racing. Thought the factory stocks and the led sleds put on an excellent show. Turn the led sleds lose for a Double O. That said I thought the for 15 bucks there should have been more than 11 supers. Sean Fitz
5/7/2007 - Randy
I would like to send my condolences to the Scott Seaton family. It was a very sad evening this past Saturday at Auto City Speedway. My prayers and thoughts are with his family.
5/6/2007 - Nate
i have alot of photos of cars at auto city mostly of pete weiss and pat burdow..i need a scanner or need to find some way to but them to a disc i have quite a few pics of alot of cars to mier micky miers,jeff ownes lester reinbolt jays brother,,died working on car rick smith purple 27 super,chas green 50super alot from dixi to i will tri to find away of getting them put on
1/23/2007 - Brent
I have many racing videos for sale from Auto City, Tri City, Dixie and Owosso Speedway. I also have a video of the 1985 Dealers Choice at Kalamazoo Speedway and of a Winged Outlaw Midget race at Whittemore Speedway. These videos are from 1985 to 2004. Send me a email for a list of what i have.
1/7/2007 - Bill (Moe) Meiers
To Murawski Jr. I started racing at Mt Clemens in the 60's. Moved up north in early 70's and raced at Whittemore and Standish then. I knew a guy up here by the name of Red Camp, (gone now). At one time he gave me some pictures of himself and a few other drivers from Auto City modifieds. I believe they were the good kind of photo's taken by the track photographer 8 x 10. I will try to dig them out soon, and maybe I can post them here. Questions (989) 728-4243. I 'am very slow typer. Till the next lap, Moe!
Does any one have any old dirt track pics ?? about 2 years ago i saw a guy at the auto city swap meat he had got some old photos. the film was from some one that said they were going to through it in the junk. so he ask for it they gave it to him. he developed the pics and they were old black & white photos of auto city. he had allot of vary nice photos.
10/9/2006 - Randy Adam
I agree about the cold on Sat nite was very brisk. Great racing as always there...only thing was, ran very late into the night. I think they should have started the racing earlier that day due to all the classes that had Champion features to run. And the sun would have helped out keeping everyone warm. Can't wait for Next year either! Just an FYI, I did go to Flat Rock that afternoon for the Enduro 250, then to Auto City that night...just trying to support that local racing!
10/8/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Frooze my butt off, but it was a great night, though kinda surreal, as the sun went down so early and it was cold. Felt like I was at a high school football game. I went late, very bad modified wreck involving eight cars. When the modified feature was finally run the finish was amazing and worth all the wait and cold, as the second place and first place cars swapped the lead and then swapped it back after some great side by side racing all the way around the track. Factory stocks were amazing as usual, and watching them is way more like watching a sportsman or latemodel race from the old days at Mt Clemens than watching hobby stocks. They Fly! Can't wait till next year!
9/29/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Saturday the 30th will be superlates in the mudslinger 100, prolates, led sleds and thunder truck season championships. Be There! Support Michigan racing. Oh yeah, they actually have butter for the popcorn.
9/18/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Went last night for the regular show. Great field of Mods, Factory Stocks and Led sleds. The led sleds are awesome competitive. When they first started the class it was made up of a caddy and a Lincoln that couldnt make it ten laps, now its great. Three wide at times. Except for one ridiculous incident were some guy tried to put Timmy Near into the wall it was great. Unfortunately Timmy let emotion get to him and went back to the pits. Hes a lot of fun to watch race. Bad field of Template Crate Lates. I hate those cooky cutter cars, please go back to the super style bodys. Can someone tell me if they all have to run GM crates or are Fords Fords and Dodges Dodges? Mike Walther is awesome in the #5 factory stock 73 Nova. The chevelle that was for sale was cool, and what about that radical flat black #44. Real cars. Love it! Great racing, though the intermission was ridiculously long and they need to tighten up the show in that regard. I know it sold lots of hot dogs and Nachos but people got places to be when they drive 200 miles round trip. That 1/3 mile in the center is a blast to watch races on. Wish Toledo would take the hint and dig up the little track in the center of their half and build a decent 1/3. Modifieds are so cool. Each one is unique. One guy had an A but I saw flame out the exhaust, so I m not sure if he was running gas or methenol. I have to say I love the 100 decibel limit. Its nice to go to a race and be able to hear afterward. Every track should impliment this. Kudos to auto city.
8/26/2006 - Big Murf
went to see the new ROOKIE class the hornets. i thought it was for racers with no driving experience. but i noticed the driver that won the feature is a regular at owosso speedway and took 2nd in the point standings last year. he set new track record and took that away from a beginner racer. if anyone can explain this to me please do. was thinking about letting my son race but i dont want to throw him out there with vetern drivers when he has never been on a track before.
8/14/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
He was great. He gave people a lot of joy and made people feel at home in the stands. Condolences to his family and all who loved him.
8/12/2006 - Randy Adam
I just want to let all know that Greg Yost, long time announcer at Auto City Speedway (also General manager for some time) and host of a Sunday morning radio show on AM 1330 (Flint) passed away. Gregory S. Yost, 51 years, of Pinckney, Michigan died Wednesday morning, August 9, 2006 at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
7/20/2006 - Randy Adam
I have been there the last few weekends and still having some great racing. Those factory stocks and led sleds put on a very good show as well as the other classes there. Friendly atmosphere and good crowd turn out as well... Just wish it was closer.
5/6/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
I too was at auto city this last weekend. How about 71 year old Al Kookla leading every lap of the feature in his#111 el camino bomber, before his car stalled under the last lap yellow and then wouldnt re-fire. Shame about Bill Luckhursts wreck. I asked him would we see him this week as he was walking away and he said there was lots of damage to the car so he didnt think so. And what about Johnny Belot taking the Super Late feature and then coming out and racing in an identically painted Modified. the guy in the spectator drags in the vet that brake checked the Mr2 and then got upset when his vette got goosed a bit by the MR2. Autocity is great.
5/2/2006 - Randy Adam
I was at Auto City this past weekend and a very good turn out of cars, racing was good as usual too. Crowd turn out was average for the beginning of the season. Some great action in the mods saw one go upside down after running into the fence in turn one.
11/9/2005 - Sean Fitzgerald
Great place, great track, great racing. awesome factory stock division with cars that are mostly real cars. Stockcar racing with stock cars, verycool. Who woulda thunk it!
8/31/2005 - Randy Adam
OK, Ive been back to Auto City again this year and it has some great racing and the fans are TOTALLY into supporting there drivers. Good crowds, turn out of cars and just good ovver all racing...this is one of the most competitive tracks in the area!!! Good Job Auto City... Also Water Winter Wonderland is an awesome site!!!
4/25/2005 - Unknown
I grew up going to Auto City every week during the summer. I went there for the first time when i was six months old. I still go to all the big shows. If youve never been to the track, you MUST see the Auto Value Sprints. They put on an excellent show at this track.
10/19/2004 - Randy Adam
Ive got to say, I hadnt been to Auto City Speedway in ages (since it was dirt with the HIGH HIGH banked turns one and two)

But I returned this year to see the races and Ive got to say, they have a very good show each and every Saturday night. I will be returning again next year as I found it fun and even a bit of a throw back to the good ole days...keep up the good work Auto City!!!
7/27/2003 - WaterWinterWonderland
For over 47 years Auto City Speedway has entertained hundreds of thousands of people of all ages. Constructed as one of Michigans premier dirt tracks in 1955, Auto City Speedway was paved in 1986 to make it one of the most respected and challenging asphalt speedways in the Midwest. With its central location Auto City has always been a favorite with fans from all over the state, as well as the Midwests top drivers and racing teams. The facility features a minimum of 5 weekly classes of racing every Saturday Night, at 7:00pm Come check out what Auto City has to offer and see "Where the Thunder Rolls!!!
Auto City Speedway - AERIAL FROM MS LIVE
Auto City Speedway - TERRY BOGUSZ
Auto City Speedway - DICK MCLEAN 1950S FROM RODNEY
Auto City Speedway - DICK MCLEAN 1950S FROM RODNEY
Auto City Speedway - DICK MCLEAN 1950S FROM RODNEY
Auto City Speedway - TRACK
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
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Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - 2013 PIC FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - 2013 PIC FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - 2013 PIC FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - 2013 PIC FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - 2013 PIC FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - 2013 PIC FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - 2013 PIC FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - 2013 PIC FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - 2013 PIC FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FLAG STAND FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - JOHNNY BELOTT 1999 FROM KIM NOVAK
Auto City Speedway - A ANTHES FROM KIM NOVAK
Auto City Speedway - 1992 AUTO CITY FROM KIM NOVAK
Auto City Speedway - 6-5-82 FRANK SEDER FROM KIM NOVAK
Auto City Speedway - A ANTHES 5-14-1983 FROM KIM NOVAK
Auto City Speedway - A ANTHES 5-8-1983 FROM KIM NOVAK
Auto City Speedway - CONSESSIONS 2007 FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - JOHNNY BELOTT 1999 FROM KIM NOVAK
Auto City Speedway - MAY 2012 FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - MAY 2012 FROM RANDY 2
Auto City Speedway - MAY 2012 FROM RANDY 3
Auto City Speedway - MAY 2012 RIP FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - SIGN FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - STANDS 2007 FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - TOM ROSEBRUGH 5-30-82 FROM KIM NOVAK
Auto City Speedway - TONY BABBS FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - TURN4 2007 FROM RANDY
Auto City Speedway - TOM ROSEBRUGH N BOB KINGEN 1980
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Auto City Speedway - AERIAL VIEW
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