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Water Winter Wonderland Videos

The following are some video clips related to Michigan and some of the location featured on this site. All files are in Windows Media Player™ format, click the link and Media Player should start automatically. There will be new items being added over the next several days and weeks so check back frequently for updates.

If any of you folks out there have video or old home movies you would like to share, please let me know and I will post it here! Just email me at and we can figure out how to get it to me.

The music used in many of these videos is courtesy of the "Ultra Swank - Lifestyle Adventures" web site. You can download the full compilation of this great retro music here.


Drive-In Theatres
Albion Drive-In Theatre - All that remained of it as of 2003.
Capri Drive-In Theatre - This video is from the annual Halloween Party.
Capri Drive-In Theatre - This video was from the summer of 2003 or 2004.
Capri Drive-In Theatre - A quick video of the marquee at the drive-in
Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre - Great summer night, 2003 I think.
Coldwater Drive-In Theatre - Rare 1969 video of Coldwater including Coldwater Drive-In, narrated by the legendary John Magocs, founder of the Capri. He jokingly refers to the Coldwater DI as the Capri.
Denniston Drive-In Theatre - and crew!
Douglas Auto Theatre - Marquee restored to it's former glory!
Getty 4 Drive-In Theatre - Marquee at the Getty from a few summers back
Getty 4 Drive-In Theatre - A night at the Getty - a few years ago.
Hi-Way Drive-In Theatre - This is a full length documentary - now out of print
Hi-Way Drive-In Theatre - Bear in mind the drive-in has been remodeled since!
Miracle Twin Drive-In Theatre - Cars arriving at screen 1!
Tawas Drive-In Theatre - Quickie of the booth and lot - whats left of it!
US-23 Drive-In Theatre - US-23 Marquee, October 2013
Vista Drive-In Theatre - A walk around a few summers back, see the similarity to the Denniston!

Amusement Parks
Lake Lansing Amusement Park - Full length documentary, quality not great, but better than nothing!

Movie Theatres
Berkley Theatre - The marquee at night in full flight!
Delft Theatre - Marquee summer 2003
Showcase Cinemas Grand Rapids - Gutted and getting ready for demo, it never looked better!

Drag Racing
Onondaga Dragway - Short video of walk-through of lot
Thunderbird Dragway - See lady drivers doing burnouts!

Motor Speedways
Thunderbird Raceway - A quick look around

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