Midland Theatre

Address: Ashman
City: Midland
State: MI
County: Midland
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4/29/2013 - Jim Thompson
The book Midland: The Way We Were (by V. Florey) states that the theater opened May 1942. A few photos of Midland theaters are in that book on pages 25 and 26.
12/8/2012 - Roberta Fipps
I remember vividly going to the Circle as a small child (I was born in 1941) and the interior was so pretty. I always liked getting a drink at the drinking fountain which had a mirrored back wall with blueish lighting. It is too bad more of the interior was not salvaged when it was demolished. Fond memories.
8/31/2010 - John
I recall back in the 80s and 90s growing up this was the place to be. There were two bowling lanes in the building- one called Circle Lanes and the other called Midland Lanes. There was also a pretty decent arcade too. I remember wasting quarters on the Top Gun arcade they had. Off to the one side was the Rotunda Lounge, and behind in back was the Style Shoppe- I remember going there once or twice as a youngster to get a haircut. Off to the other side facing Ashman St was the Circle Quality Shoes store. I vividly remember the controversy and talk about town in November 1998 when it was announced that the owners were selling the building and land to Rite Aid. Rite Aid (like any corporation) didn''t even want to save it, instead opting to demolish it and build an ugly big-box store.
1/19/2010 - jim isham
I believe this theater was built around 1940, 1940 when the Circle Business area was developed.
It had a very beautiful interior. I don''t think I''ve ever seen a theater interior as beautiful as this one.
To the left of the theater was a supermarket (Giant), to the the right was Glover''s Drug Store ,and beside the drug store was a bowling alley.
There were also two small offices on either side of the theater. One was a AAA office and I believe the one was the theater business office.
Back in the forties, children under twelve could get in for either 12 or 14 cents.
3/10/2009 - Thomas Baird
Having grown up in Midland, I remember my sister and I went to the Midland to see "101 Dalmations." I don''t recall the exact date, but I think it was sometime in the early 1960''s when it closed and became a bowling alley, which a friend of mine and I would go to for bowling.
6/7/2006 - Deb C.
Yes, there WAS a good arcade for a while. I remember going there and playing a lot of "Asteroids" (was that the name?) There was also a bar on the side called "The Rotunda Lounge". My friends and I used to crack up about that one--was it a bar just for fat people? We would pronounce it "The RoTUNda Lounge" and imagine the bouncers saying, "Im sorry sir, you arent rotund enough to come in here. Gain about fifty pounds and then well think about it." Oh, yes, and behind the bowling alley was "The Style Shoppe", I think, which in the seventies was the cool place to get your hair done by the hip male hairstylist with the ponytail, isnt that right? You would sit in the chair and hear the pins dropping while he talked to you about philosophy or psychology, or whatever was on his mind that day.
10/18/2005 - Mike
In addition to the mentioned bowling alley, the building also had a pretty decent video arcade during the 70s, 80s and 90s.
9/26/2005 - Michael
This theatre was located on Ashman and was demolished for a new Rite Aid.
3/10/2004 - Doug Shirk
At one point, the theartre operated as a bowling alley, called Circle Bowl, with two sets of lanes. One in the center auditorium area, and one in the building on the right (as youre facing it) wing. I remember doing so in the late 60s. When the Midland closed, there wasnt a theatre in town until Valley Plaza was built.
Midland Theatre - 1950 PHOTO FROM PAUL
Midland Theatre - 1943 SHOT FROM PAUL
Midland Theatre - OLD SHOT
Midland Theatre - OLD SHOT
Midland Theatre - OLD SHOT
Midland Theatre - JULY 31ST 1953 FROM JIM TWINNING
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