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2/15/2018 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - Edward Adler
I lived on Joy Road in the Herman Gardens when I was kid starting at seven years old.

The Warren Theater was my theater to go to escape the war that was raging at the time. I remember the lines that would snake down the street to see 'Back to Bataan' and other great war movies of the day. In bad weather, the theater would have the lines of people wait inside in huge crowds. I remember all the Gene Autry movies and dreamed of going out west to a magical ranch.

I would walk from Joy Road to the theater, pay 15 cents on Saturdays or Sundays at 12 noon and see a double feature, newsreels (of the war), cartoons (sometimes more than one), previews of coming attractions and a 20 minutes short. When I walked out it was night time and I used to wonder what happened to the day? Had I been there that long? It was a wonderful place for kids and an important place for the neighborhood during those times. I remember clearly the bowling next door, you could buy snacks there and there were always people bowling then. I don't know when the theater was built, but it was there in 1943 and I went there until about the mid-1950's.

I went to Mackenzie High (which I see by Google that it has been torn down) then to Wayne State University. I left Detroit in February, 1960 for Palo Alto, California then several years later to Los Angeles where I lived for 33 years. I am retired living in Las Vegas currently. I was saddened on a return visit to Detroit to see that the Warren theater was torn down, after a fire, as was the Herman Gardens project.

The wonderful landmarks of Detroit may be gone, but still remain in my memory..
2/10/2018 - Frolic Theatre - Midland - Scott Seeburger
The Mecca Theatre was one of the first movie houses in Midland, Mi.

My grandfather, Bart Laughlin, owned it from 1922-25 and did live theater presentations and other attractions in addition to showing films. He sold the theater to Frolic owner Mr. Cassidy and was required to sign a lifetime non-compete agreement. The Frolic was the more modern theater of the two that were located on Main St.

However, my grandfather held the Paramount contract and in the 1920s, Paramount was The choice film company. From that point on, Mr. William Cassidy owned all the movie houses in this town.
2/10/2018 - Cadillac 5 Theatres - Cadillac - John McDowell
This location is now the Cadillac 4.

Two auditoriums were combined to make room for 1 large screen (47 feet, if I recall correctly). Local news media 9and10News. com and Cadillacnews. com have run articles this week about the upcoming 100th anniversary of this theatre.

2/10/2018 - Capitol Theatre - Flint - Becky Scott
The Lady Barton organ that was housed in the Capitol Theatre is now housed at the Flint Institute of Music. The Flint Theatre Organ Club has enjoyed performing many concerts on the organ. It has been at the FIM for many years. I want to say 30 plus.
1/30/2018 - Plainfield Drive-In Theatre - Grand Rapids - Laurel Lazar
I enjoyed the story about 1973, when the cops came.

I went to this drive in as a child and then later in high school. Somehow I happened across this site tonight by accident and am so pleased to see the photos. This is so long ago to me, as I moved away after h. and never knew it was torn down. But, of course, it would have been. I think that when we are dealing with our memories it can be difficult to imagine the change as we did not witness it. During my hs years, we didn't watch movies as much as we did drink and cause trouble.

Mostly, just making noise and being dumb teenagers. Thanx to the other participants who wrote about my favorite old-drive-in..
1/9/2018 - MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16 - Warren - Cameron
As of 4/7/2017, this is now the MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16. It has recliners, along with a renovated lobby with a Studio Bar & Lounge. The new theater, like the old theater, does not have stadium seating.
1/9/2018 - Peoples Theatre - Laurium - Bonnie Harkonen-Sauers
Owned by Art and Gloria Hamel, (my uncle & aunt), from Lake Linden. In the 1960's I remember working there with my brothers & sisters (helping to clean-up the floors between shows). They also owned the Lakes Drive-in, (in Lake Linden).
1/4/2018 - Ramona Park - Grand Rapids - Robert Gaunt
Visiting Ramona Park was a frequent during my early life.

One feature was a spot known as The Fun House. During one's trip through the place, there were mirrors that distorted the viewer's image making them look taller, shorter, heavier that their true forms. There were moving floors to contend with, and a pair of slides that patrons slid down while seated on burlap bags. One of them featured a large dip, and the other was a straighter design, and each of them involved perhaps a 90 foot ride.

A patron could climb back to the top of the slides, repeating trips down those slopes as often as they wished. One rather unpleasant aspect of a visit to the Fun House was that there was often the stench of urine left behind by less considerate patrons who, unfortunately, tended to use darker corners of the two story structure as a latrine. When my funds were dwindling as I moved from one attraction to another, I often boarded the vessel that conveyed its passengers during a loop around Reeds Lake. Those rides would chew up a good portion of time before my parents would arrive to pick me up for the trip home.

I've ridden the Derby many times, and I'd certainly concur that its wooden structure didn't appear to be the most stable structure around. My most memorable contact with the Derby came at a time when Ramona Park had closed for the season. Along with a few young friends, and at a time when we were probably around Junior High age, I was attending an East Grand Rapids-Grandville high school football game. The EGR Pioneer's then played on a field just across the street, and south of Ramona Park.

The bumper car rides were always popular and fun, and an up and down, twirly ride, The Tilt-A-Wheel, was well worth one's dime admission. The merry-go-round was, as I recall, an artistic and fairly-heavily-used attraction, though it was one that I regarded as tamer than my taste tended to favor. I clearly recall looking in at Ramona Gardens, and noting that it was a popular spot, though I never ventured into that feature of the Park. Three or four of us decided that it would be fun to scale the fence and to explore the inactive Ramona Park.

It was unwisely decided that it might be fun to make a trip, on foot, over the length of the Derby's trackage. That adventure didn't last long, nor was it at all successful, as even the most courageous among our group decided, not more than half way to the peak of the highest part of the structure, that the whole thing wasn't such a good idea after all. It is noteworthy to mention that the aforementioned area where the East Grand Rapids football field was located, was once occupied by a different entertainment venue. Early in the 20th Century, the City's professional baseball team played its home games at a field that was found there.

Between the ballpark and the entrance to Ramona Park was a streetcar loop. Streetcars conveyed patrons of both of the venues there, then reversed direction, headed back towards the City's center. The ballpark saw some significant historical events during it's years of service. The grandstand had a unique design roughly in the shape of a U.

That was, according to reports, a setup calculated to placate local clergymen who were often adamant in opposition to worldly distractions, especially when the Sabbath was involved. The grandstand's design helped to ease clerical fears when it was pointed out that it would provide close-proximity viewing for audiences who were attending revival meetings. But the ballpark had other historic importance. Perhaps most significant among those is that it was the site of what was probably the first night game in the entire history of professional baseball.

What has been officially considered to have been the first night game under electrical lights didn't happen until sometime in the early 30's, but the Grand Rapids park saw a games some 20 years earlier when teams from Grand Rapids and Zainesville, Ohio squared off under carbon arc-lights. The game was completed, but not before a close call where one of the players came very near being struck, and perhaps badly injured by a hard hit line drive. I have long believed that a historic marker recognizing the playing of America's first night baseball game should be placed at that site. Before that park was abandoned, a number of famous baseball players made appearances there.

One of them was Hall Of Fame member Ty Cobb. Both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were known to have played exhibition games in Grand Rapids, though those visits may have taken place after The City's professional team moved its home to a field that once stood near the Grand River about a mile south of downtown Grand Rapids..
1/4/2018 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Sue Wallace
Please help me find any pictures of Richard G Place I need to know when he raced there and if he had any friends that accompanied him there Thank you means a lot.
1/4/2018 - Pleasure Island Water Park - Norton Shores - Indy
My family went to Pleasure Island two or three times in the 80's.

It was the first time I ever did a bumper boat, I remember that pretty well. My favorite was the roller slide that sent you down on a plastic raft and skipped you across the water. There was a zipline that you went down into the lake and it stopped and you flew off into the water. I remember I hated that thing.

The last year we went was the first year of the Black Hole, which I thought was great. It's another place gone that I wish I would have gotten pictures of..
1/4/2018 - Deer Forest Fun Park - Coloma - Indy
I apparently went to Deer Forrest as a young child in the mid 70's but have no memory of it.

I do remember the television commercials though. Who could forget those? I did take my daughter in I believe fall of 2013. They had a whole new herd of deer and none of them would come near us, which was pretty disappointing. We walked around the property and my daughter rode the pony.

I took a ton of pictures because the park's demise looked imminent. It was a beautiful fall Saturday and there were probably 8 people in the whole place. It wasn't a bad way to spend a couple hours, but it was a bit sad.
1/4/2018 - Auto World - Flint - Indy
My AutoWorld story is from the summer before I started 8th grade, so it must have been 1986.

The reason we went over to Flint was to take back a musical instrument that I was renting for middle school band. Anyway, My mom took myself and a friend to AutoWorld after we dropped off the trombone. I really do not remember all that much about the place. What I remember the most is the ferris wheel.

I remember the sensation of looking up at the roof as we rode it (probably 5 times). There was some sort of moving walkway through the inter-workings of an engine and assembly line that we did. I also remember the Pontiac Fiero that was sort of blown apart so you could see inside of it. I can't say I was impressed, but I'm glad we went before it closed down.

My mom, my friend and I are the only 3 people that I know that actually went. Too bad I didn't have a camera back then..
1/4/2018 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Dan Thornton
This theater was located near the Precious Blood School, which later became St. Martin de Porres High School (closed since 2005). It was already being torn down when I passed it on the way to the school for a high school placement test. The site is currently occupied by a strip mall.
12/28/2017 - Willis Theatre - Detroit - CHARLES PRICE
12/28/2017 - Terrace Cinema 4 - Livonia - thomas tabaka
The movie theare coninuted to show 70mm movies after it was twined. It whoeds both Empire Strikes Back and Tron in 70mm. It had one of the best sound systems in the Detroit Area in the early 1980s.
12/20/2017 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - David
It may have been after Gil Kohn but John Bloom owned the Motor City Dragway. After the drag strip John owned a company called Peerless Induction Heat Treat in Detroit and employed a few of the same people.
12/6/2017 - Mars Theatre - Detroit - Joyce Green
Mars Theatre became Lighthouse Tabernacle I believe in 1959.

The address was 19009 Conant Detroit Michigan. The Pastor and founder was Rev Allie Taylor. Lighthouse Tabernacle was there from 1959 to 1974. They sold the building and moved to 8801 Woodward, Detroit changing then the name to Lighthouse Cathedral.

12/6/2017 - Cadillac Drive-In Theatre - Cadillac - John
I can assert that it was still open in the Fall of 1986, because I saw Back to School there, with Top Gun as the second feature, and Back to School came out in June of '86. Could have been summer time, but generally, drive-ins waited a while to get their prints, after the films had played through the stick-built theater circuit. A good time was had there, at that time I worked at a radio station just up the Mackinaw Trail, toward Cadillac.
12/2/2017 - M-37 Drive-In Theatre - White Cloud - David Bier
I worked there as projectionist in 1978, 79, most of 80, a small part of 81, and then again for the summer of 85.

As far as I know, 1985 was the last year it was open for business. I may have been the youngest projectionist to have worked there. The man who was manager was reluctant to hire me because I was only 15, and didn't have a driver's license. About a month after I started, he told me I was the best projectionist he'd ever had, and caught on quicker than anyone he'd ever trained.

12/2/2017 - Hart Theatre - Hart - Dale Zieger
My wife, Gail, and I are the current owners of the Hart Theater.

We have by working for over 2 years now to re-establish it as Special Interest theater. Too many irreversible modifications we done to the building over the years to even consider a restoration. We have a 4 manual virtual Wurlitzer theater pipe organ installed and we do regular music programs. The lobby area is a beautiful Art Gallery for my wife's paintings.

We live in an apartment on the third floor above the original projection room. We love to share this exciting place and we welcome visitors on a regular basis. It's best to contact us via our email to arrange a visit.
12/2/2017 - Flint Park - Flint - Cathy (Aho) Klockow
My Dad Richard (Dick) Aho grew up very near the park on Marengo St.

He throughout our lives regaled us with tales of working concessions and of the pranks they would play on patrons. He used to be allowed the privilege of testing the rollercoaster at start of season. Wish I had photos of this rich Flint history! He was born in 1930 and I still have the decrepit Flint Park t-shirt he wore while working there. Geez.

he was really tiny back then..
12/2/2017 - Rialto Theatre - Gladstone - bob olsze
i remember going to the theater at least once a week with my parents starting in 1947 when i was 4.

we ran a motel in bay view south of there. i took my wife on our first date there in jan of 1961. the movie was Summer Place. i won $10 there in 1955 playing bingo between the two shows.

it was a great place to escape winter in upper michigan. we got our first tv in 1953 and that changed how much we went to the movies. I will always remember the owner, he dressed like he was a movie mogal from hollywood. I heard that he saved all the old movie posters and had two stacks about 2ft tall each.

i have been in the antique business for 30 yrs and i can tell you who ever got those could actually retire the rest of their life, some would bring a lot of money, like King Kong, etc well maybe they are still around..
12/2/2017 - Strand Theatre - Lowell - Donald M. Scott
Thanks for this excellent resource.

I'm researching a book, and the pages are a big help. The Strand has special meaning - it was a major waypoint in my life. Just before we returned to California, in the spring of 1956, we saw Forbidden Planet at the Strand. The movie was based on a book - a search for that book after we returned to California would lead to another book - that would lead to two careers (Park Ranger, and NASA State Field Educator for Nevada, Montana, Southern California), the publication of the authorized biography of George R.

Stewart, to the sets of Star Trek (which was inspired by Forbidden Planet), and even to a meeting with one of the stars of FP, the fellow who played Doc. Since this current book is somewhat autobiographical, it's invaluable to find your site. Again, thanks.
12/2/2017 - Riverside Park - Saginaw - Gary Osborn
Brandon, you can see the information I have on Riverside Park on my Riverside Park site on Facebook.
12/2/2017 - Algiers Drive-In Theatre - Westland - Phil Holmes
Hello, my name is Philip Holmes Jr.

AKA Jr. Dude Friend of Dave LaCasper who was the projectionist from the mid 1970's until its closing in 1984. My father Phil Holmes Sr. and Dave LaCasper were best friends until my fathers death in December 2015 Ill never forget all the free popcorn and video games from Uncle Dave and playing on the playground or running around during the movies having fun.

I met my first girlfriend there, we chased what we thought was a cat but turned out to be a skunk, we both were sprayed and had to ride home that night smelling to high heaven of skunk. Uncle dave AKA Dave LaCasper is sick now with dementia, Id like anyone who remembers him to make a post with memories they had of the good times we all had at the Algiers drive in. Anyone who would like to contact me can email me at philipfury@msn. com.

12/2/2017 - AMC Wonderland 6 - Livonia - Rick Kennedy
My first job was at Smart Alex.

I was a bus boy then a cook later on. It's main stay was hot soup and sandwiches. It had entertainment on Saturdays. It had a bar with some regulars and a lot of people from the horse tract would come there after races.

It had a real family atmosphere people had a good time there. I recall a tobacco road was next door or close to it anyway and wells fargo across from it. The people that owned the big boy next door and the one on plymouth road and farmington owned Smart Alex. Unfortunately in their infinite wisdom they cut the serving sizes and slowing the place died.

They gave me 2 days notice I wouldn't have a job..
11/20/2017 - Riverside Park - Saginaw - Brandon Turnbull
I bought a house last year at the end of what would be Riverside Park. The house was built in 1920 and maintained for 56 years by the previous owners I purchased it from. I'd like to learn about more history of the area as Green Point.
11/20/2017 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Clifford Schill
From what I have been told is that the present property owners that live there are not kindly to visitors. They get people there all the time and get fed up with them.
11/20/2017 - Ramona Park - Grand Rapids - Linda Bowden
How can I contact Ronnie Pierce who wrote on the Reed Lake/Ramona Park page. He was asking if there was anyone who had information about his relative Frances Haskins who was a balloon parachutist during the 40-50's. Thank you.
11/17/2017 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - Joyce Kost
I worked behind the candy counter around 1961 and Mr. Goodman was the manager. He'd scold me if I dunked the popcorn in the butter when there was no customers! Haha!! I used to bowl next door at Parkland Bowl. Lived on Rutland.

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