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1/17/2019 - Maple Hill Cinema - Kalamazoo - Susan
This is a long shot since I’m just coming a across this post.

My father was the manager of the theater for years in the 70’s. I was just a kid & those are the best memories! I remember sneaking into R rated movies & getting spanked for doing so! (I was in grade school ??) Streaking was popular & occasionally they’d run through the theater. Escape to Witch Mountain was shown there & the theater gave away a motor home. Man all the candy & popcorn I wanted & Star Wars constantly! If anyone has any pictures or anything about the theater I’d love to see them! I have a few but not as many as I wish.

1/17/2019 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - Chuck Marlin
Thanks for keeping this website up and running first of all.

Comments awhile ago talked about historical significance. Long road to hoe, but I'll volunteer time and resources if there is a path. I would appreciate a tour of the old property, and maybe and event and some food and beverages just to invite anyone who may be interested in gathering in 2019 to reminisce. If anyone has the horsepower to make this happen, pun intended, please reach out to me.

We could all sign releases just like we did as drivers to be on the property. I'm also interested in gathering pics/videos of the 65 and 66 season. I'm attempting to recreate diecast cars of the Warren Bros GTO's, Wally Booths Trumbull Chevrolet, Screamin Dago Mustang, HoleShot 6 Anglia,. there are already diecast replica's of the Royal Pontiac cars.

If you have any pics please reach out to me. I don't even recall the big MoPar guys, but I'd love to have them. Guidelines say I can post my email so contact me at chuck. com. I'd also like to toss out an idea. How about a gathering at the Woodward Cruise for any Motor City racers, mechanics, sponsors, fans. ? We might be able to piggy back one of the radio station events if we get a start on this now, maybe even pick up a sponsor.

In the alternative the Harper Cruise which is more manageable. I would be delighted to host it as I have a large office and parking lot at 91/2 and Harper. It's a dying era that I would like to say goodbye to in a fashion deserving of it's time and all who contributed to it. Just a few thoughts to provoke some thoughts and memories.

1/17/2019 - Abbey Theatres 8 - Madison Heights - Chris Williams
I worked here during my senior year of high school (1997), probably from about January through August of that year.

I was a concession worker. I hated the job, but then again, I was a teenager and probably hated every job I had. I miss the old Abbey now. We never got anything as big as the Star Theaters did (which is, ironically, now an AMC), but we did better than the Oakland Mall one.

Things would play for months. I remember Aretha Franklin coming in one night to see The Preacher's Wife. I went on to a part-time career as a film critic, and so it was a great pleasure to serve popcorn to Susan Stark (who used to be a Detroit News critic). I feel a lot of nostalgia for the Abbey.

The theaters were clean. The popcorn was good. I remember seeing the giant rolls of film (now everything everywhere is digital).
1/5/2019 - Movies at Oakland Mall - Troy - Devon J Lott
This Movies Was a United Artists Theatre. One of the first that was not in a Taubman mall. I seen Rush Hour and The House on Haunted Hill (Remake) Before it permanently closed.
1/5/2019 - Starlite Drive-In Theatre - Ludington - Roger Dereske
I worked for Glenn Wallace there in the early 70's in the ticket office, one of 3 jobs l had whole attending College. My wife worked in the concession stand as a second job. One summer, l hung off a rope pulley to paint the name on the back of the screen.
12/27/2018 - Camelot 1-2-3 - Dearborn - Ron
I was an usher at the Camelot during Walt’s time.

1,000 seat ( approx ) auditorium. Best job I’ve ever had. Working with Walt, Rick, Tom, Gary etc. Fascinating theatre.

It had a crows nest to watch the parking lot. Upstairs/ Basement storage rooms. Our usher group found a way to walk above the ceiling on a catwalk all the way out to the front roof & inside the lit marque. Ushers room parties in back.

so much fun !..
12/27/2018 - Grayling Opera House - Grayling - Seth H
The Grayling Opera House burned down prior to 1930.

A quote from the July 5, 2012 Houghton Lake Resorter regarding the Rialto Theatre in Grayling. George Stancil said he has worked at the Rialto since the age of seven and is currently the manager at the theatre, which he said was the first of many built in Northern Michigan by his grandfather George Olson and his brother and partner W. James Olson. The theatre was housed in the Grayling Opera House in 1915, and the current theatre building was constructed in 1930 after the Opera House burned down.

12/24/2018 - Cherry Speedway - Fife Lake - Seth H
The address is 8649 M-113, Fife Lake, MI 49633.
12/20/2018 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Tom Urban
Come join us at the Mount Clemens Race Track Get Together.

Jan. 26th at Kart2Kart in Sterling Heights. They are located on Van Dyke Ave. just south of 19 mile road.

Registration to race the karts starts at 5:30p. m. Racing to start at 6:00p. No charge to watch the karts and videos. Show up any time after 6 p. m. if you`re not racing.

No food will be served. Hope to see you all there..
12/20/2018 - Temple Theater - Grayling - Seth H
From the Crawford County Historical Society website.

The IOOF Temple Theater was built and dedicated 3 pm Dec. 17, 1908. Fay Bovee remembers the stage and curtains. In later years one photo labels it as a roller rink.

It was next a 4 lane bowling alley and then Jansen's Plumbing and Heating. It is located on the I-75 business loop at the corner of Ottawa St. The building is still there today. The address is 109 Ottawa St.

12/20/2018 - Mottville Speedway - Mottville - Tom Jones
Does any remember late 50' a coupe named Linda and Judy Special??? It was blue, clean and a silver flathead motor.
12/20/2018 - Sugar Island Park - Sugar Island - Joseph Rocheleau
I am trying to contact Martin Cote.

I have some family history he might be interested in. Martin's dad Elmer Cote married my dad's sister. (Rocheleau). I would like to give them some pic's and info.

I have done search's but could not find anything. Thank you Joseph Rocheleau..
12/6/2018 - Auto World - Flint - Roy J. Criss
It was my opportunity to have been employed as AutoWorld Construction Manager, heading up the theme park construction. This role took me 21 times to the Los Angeles area as I coordinated the project professionals. I take my hat off to the entire project team of public and private individuals and organizations, who attempted to create an exciting attraction, especially at a time when local unemployment was around 21%. Lots of great memories.
12/6/2018 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - Rick Andrews
Spent many Saturdays watching Godzilla and Gamra and all the other Japaneese monster movies.

Lived on the corner of Memorial&Diversey. The Warren Show and the Parkland Bowl were a couple of great places to have fun back then. There were so many kids living on Memorial&Clayburn and in that neighborhood. Remember Wayside Hamburgers on the corner of Clayburn&Warren Ave? Then it became a barber shop.

Will never forget all the business's on Warren, walked past them everyday. RICK ANDREWS..
11/19/2018 - Cinema 2 Drive-In Theatre - Manistique - Edie Erickson
The US-2/Cinema 2 Drive-in was recently taken off the market in the hopes that a fundraising effort can save it from being destroyed.

It is being run as a community-run/owned drive-in, and is organized and managed by the non-profit UP Film Union. All movies are second-run and are free to the public thanks to nightly sponsors from the community. More information can be found on the Upper Peninsula Film Union facebook page. It is now being called the Highway 2 Drive-In.

11/19/2018 - Maxine Theatre - Croswell - Bret Steven Whitmore
Croswell's zip code is 48422.

I lived in town from my infancy until the folks moved to a new-built home on land my grandparent's gave them south of Lexington. I saw my first-ever movie in a theater there, Mary Poppins, when it was then in 'first run' theaters. That had to be very shortly before the place closed. I also recall the folks taking me for one or two more movies, mostly WW II flicks with themes considered a little too grown-up for a 4-year-old, and when somebody'd get killed or whatever, my Dad who sat on one side of me and my mother on the other, would both cover my eyes, thinking that kept me from seeing.

I spent a whole lot of those movies enduring that 'parental censorship'. But war flicks of every kind remain my favorite to this very day. That's probably what also led to a career in the military from '81-'96. Fond memories of that place, but I recall being really disappointed when it became an auto parts store, because that meant I'd no longer be able to get popcorn there!.

11/4/2018 - Northland Drive-In Theatre - Petoskey - AndreP
I saw many films here in the early 80s. I'll never forget Star Trek II. The outer space scenes against the back drop of the clear night sky were amazing: like the boarder between the film and the sky didn't exist. I was so sad when it closed.
11/4/2018 - White Eagle Theatre - Flint - Jackie Wrinkles
Is a Bar across from the Buick complex I worked at for 41 years not a theatre.
11/4/2018 - Greenwood Theatre - Detroit - Ed McMurray
The Greenwood theater was torn down to make way for the Xway downtown.

I believe it was 1950 or so. As a teen and young man I rode I-94 past the schoolyard of Tilden School. I was a young man in the 60's when Tilden was torn down. I remember going downtown and walking up Kirby to the school just before it was torn down.

I lived in a six apartment building at 5244 Third, near the Murray Hall Hotel. I have a picture of Tilden if the administrator will post it. I got it from Wayne States photo library.
10/24/2018 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Keith Keller
My Fathers Uncle, Clifton Burns, use to race at Motor City Speedway and after rolling his race car in 1939, he was taken to the new Saratoga Hospital, where he passed away due to injuries from the crash. He has the distinction of being the first person to die at that hospital.
10/14/2018 - Flat Roc Theatre - Flat Rock - Kristi Barnett
Flat Roc Theatre is now home to several business's. The main business being Adkins Insurance Agency. (Since 2011) I can provide updated pictures of the building showing the marquee still being in use and the updates that have been made. Please let me know if you would like the updated pictures and information.
10/14/2018 - Sunset Speedway - Port Huron - Fred Pickard
Bernie had a friend that had a 3/4 Midget with a Crosley engine in it, was Willie Arnold. I spent many of Sundays at Sunset and Jeddo race tracks.
10/14/2018 - Southgate 4 - Southgate - MCHOGFOZZIE
The entry stating the Southgate Theater was where the Old Saturn Dealership is incorrect.

The Saturn Dealership was originally Walt Hickey Ford before it was sold and became Southgate Ford across the street. The easternmost fenceline of the dealership is still there. The front of the Theater would have beioen where the Meijer roadway directly behind Meijer Gas Statation. the back building line would be inline with the walkway to the Fountain Park Apts near the old Tennis Courts.

The western Theater wall would have been inline with the western edge of the M Gas Station the eastern most wall of the Theater would have been in line with the Flagstar(?) Bank's western property line. The area between the Apartments complex fenceline and the Meijer Parking lot was an open ditch from the walkway to Leroy St..
10/14/2018 - Pleasure Island Water Park - Norton Shores - Sara
I went there a ton when I was a kid! I remember the slide you had to carry your sled to the top.

Then the giant roller ball slide down until you skipped across the water like a well thrown stone. There was a zip line and all kinds of stuff. It is a great childhood memory. It closed in '97 and it is a housing complex called Windflower now.

10/14/2018 - Oak Drive-In Theatre - Royal Oak - Gail Riddle nee Seeley
My name is Gail Riddle.

My father Lorne Burton Seeley and grandfather Albert P. Smith worked at the Oak Drive in. My uncle Alden Smith Owned the Oak Drive in. Ruthann Briggs sold popcorn and candy at the concession stand, I also did frequently.

They always had fireworks on the fourth of July. They had cartoons before the movie. Boys used to date me just because we could get in free.
10/14/2018 - Petoskey Motor Speedway - Petoskey - David Hinz
I organize the Harbor Springs Car show and have been trying to find pictures of the Petoskey Motor Speedway that I can copy.

I would like to dedicate next years show to the Speedway. If I can get a some good pictures I would have a large backdrop made so that we could create a diorama of the track. Please contact me if you have any information. Thanks for your help.

My shop number is 231-242-0497..
10/14/2018 - Creston Theatre - Grand Rapids - Bill Barrett
The Creston was opened at least through early 1968.

That is when I saw The Vulture there. Saturday matinees for kids included a two full-length films, cartoons, and prizes. All for sixty cents. I still remember my shoes sticking to the theater floor.

In the late 80's the space used for a punk dance club..
9/19/2018 - Pleasure Island Water Park - Norton Shores - Jason Pearcy
Trying to find out some info about Pleasure Island.

I went to PI as a kid and my wife grew up in the area as well. She seems to think PI was named Splash at some point which I do not think that was the case. Was there another in the area named Splash. I found one that used to exist in Grand Rapids but just checking.

9/4/2018 - Troy Drive-In Theatre - Troy - Jeff
My family lived in Troy when I was a boy in the early 60s.

Our house was on Austin St. right across the highway, I could see the movie from my bed. In those days Austin St. was homes with big lots, we had about 2 acres.

A lot of families on that street had small farms in the back of their houses. We had an Allis Chalmers tractor and a Model A ford in the back yard next to the barn. I remember going to the drive-in in my pajamas and wake up in my bed the next day. Every 4 of July they would have fireworks.

9/4/2018 - Vista Drive-In Theatre - Walker - Clark Callear
I worked at the concession from 1970 to 1972 (from 15 years old to 17).

I started out in soft drinks (Coke, Sprite, or Orange. no diet drinks then). Then I moved up to Popcorn. And finally I was the Cashier.

A perk, as an employee, was free admission to the movies. for my friends and me! Some nights we would drive in with several cars full of teenagers. My friends at the ticket booth just waved us through. what fun!.


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