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1/15/2020 - Alpena Drive-In Theatre - Alpena - Pete Poirier
I know they were open as of fall 1981. My older cousins went to see The Blue Lagoon Labor Day weekend.
1/13/2020 - Ishpeming Speedway - Ishpeming - amos mccoy
I believe this is where a fella named Earl Francis Krause, fell to his death during a parachute jump on July 4th, 1952.

He was only 25 years old. He was trying to put on a show for about 4,000 spectators, when he opened his chute too late. Officers stated that he left an indentation in the ground of almost a foot. I would like to see a picture of the race track, and race drivers, where this took place.

I know of a couple of guys that used to race there in the day. Rest in Peace Earl. Amos McCoy.
1/13/2020 - Uptown Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
The Uptown shown in the photo is the one on Woodward in Highland Park, not the one on Mack in Detroit.
1/13/2020 - State Theatre - Lake Orion - Nick Sortzi
The State Theatre has been demolished and replaced with an apartment building.
1/13/2020 - Oriental Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
This theater was attached to the Hotel Briggs, which is now an apartment building called Briggs Houze, and the theater lobby was in the ground floor of the hotel. The lobby space recently reopened as an Asian restaurant called Pao. The parking lot the auditorium formerly occupied is now used by apartment residents.
1/13/2020 - Myrtle Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
Demolished and replaced with parking for University of Detroit Mercy's Dental School.
1/13/2020 - Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
Music Hall is not closed.
1/13/2020 - Kramer Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
The Kramer has been demolished and replaced with a Social Security office.
1/13/2020 - Jewel Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
The vintage photo with the bar in it is of the north side of Michigan between Griswold and Shelby and is not of the Jewel Theatre. The wood carving of the two men above the doors was moved to Rochester when that building was demolished. The site is currently home to The Griswold.
1/13/2020 - Great Lakes Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
The Great Lakes Theatre has been demolished. The site is currently a vacant lot.
1/13/2020 - Grand Circus Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
The more modern color photo is of the Grand Circus Theatre on Broadway, Witherell and Madison that is today the Detroit Opera House, not the Grand Circus Theatre on Woodward.
1/13/2020 - Gayety Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
The site of the Gayety has been a parking lot for decades.
1/13/2020 - Garden Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
Reopened in 2013 as a music venue.
1/13/2020 - Fredro Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
Was also known as the King Theatre at some point. Last used as a church, currently abandoned.
1/13/2020 - Emsee Theatre - Mount Clemens - Nick Sortzi
The building has not been torn down as Frank stated. It still stands and is still vacant.
1/13/2020 - Emerald Theatre - Mount Clemens - Nick Sortzi
The Emerald reopened in December 2016 after renovations and is currently a music venue.
1/13/2020 - Eastown Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
Demolished in November 2015 following a fire that destroyed the apartment portion. Currently a vacant lot.
1/13/2020 - East Side Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
The site is currently a parking lot.
1/13/2020 - Southgate 4 - Southgate - William Mullins
Nicholas George owned this theater too.
12/9/2019 - Northland Theatre - Southfield - Eugene Grew
Yvonne Borg: On your post you requested photos of the Northland Theater concession stand staff. I may have what you're wanting. Contact me at eegrew@comcast.
11/27/2019 - Towne Theatres 4 - Oak Park - Mark Schmeling
During the first decade of its existence, the Towne was an excellent single screen, first-run theater showing features such as Lenny, The Man Who Would Be King and Days of Heaven and a choice re-release of Giant. The Towne was a seven mile trip from my home, but well worth it.
11/27/2019 - Burnside Drive-In Theatre - Burnside - Jeff T
Does anyone know who owns this theatre. Does anything remain of this drive in?.
11/27/2019 - Blue Sky Drive-In Theatre - Pontiac - Joel Poole
Yes I remember this place well as a kid. I was surprised to find this and another site posting info about it ! I lived in the neighborhood across Walton Blvd on Genes Dr “walking distance” I remember seeing “Jaws” in 75 when it premiered that summer. Every time I see Jaws I think of Blue Sky Drive In. good ol memories !.
11/2/2019 - Centre Theatre - Grand Blanc - Jayna
The building was demolished in the early/mid 2010s. It is now the site of a small group of stores, including a Dollar Tree.
11/2/2019 - Allen Park 5 - Allen Park - Kim Connell
Hi there old friend, Just an update to the Allen Park 5, owned by the chain I have been working for almost 14 years at, MJR Theatres.

They're closing it for good on Thursday, 10/10. Donating it to the city of Allen Park if they can. There are numerous articles, in the Freep and Crain's and WWJ. Check it out.

Hope you are well and thanks for keeping the site rolling all these years! Kim Connell Warren, MI..
11/2/2019 - Pleasure Island Water Park - Norton Shores - TOM JENSEN
I was at this waterpark when I was seven or eight called pleasure island.

They were famous for this ride called the black hole. It was basically this slide that went straight down and you did a big turn and shot you out the end. I remember the g forces were so intense, so intense I couldn't raise my head or my body, and it being very dark. I remember flying out the end of this epic slide and shooting straight up sitting while shaking my head with this look of disbelief.

Like that was intense. I got off the slide, ran past some group and back to the kiddy rides. Over the course of the next few years, I was the at the very end of their 30 second commercial spot into they eventually went out of business.
10/5/2019 - Nicks 41 Speedway - Ishpeming - Don Christensen
Spent many weekends there, we raced a 550 Suzuki that was fairly modified, ran 13.

6’s. Remember the guy with the snowmobile engine lay down bike, I was standing behind the line when he stood it on end on a pass and nearly wiped out, the next week he had wheely bars. He had a pretty strong car too. The guy with the altered was Jeff Deridder.

Helped him out when he was up racing. Had a Nicks 41 T Shirt, wish I still did!..
9/26/2019 - Nortown Theatre - Detroit - Pamela (Chadwick) Savant
My grandmother, Clara Reuter (Kuester) ran the sodette and candy area in the early days. She lived at 7617 Robinwood and so did I. So many fond memories. I think we went to the dentist in the same building (Shulman).
9/26/2019 - Pine Air Drive-In Theatre - Baldwin - Bob Dempsey
I remember this as a fun place.

A place different to go other that the big star Melody roller rink. Us out of towner kids whose parents owned cabins and cottages around big and little twin lakes would go there to meet and hang out with other teens, we even would watch the movie sometimes. the first time I had too much to drink was there, with Norm Hunt and Betty Johnson. I had the biggest crush on a girl.

who I believe was the owners daughter. she was a Valerie bertinelli looking girl. she sometimes worked in the concession stand. wonder what ever happened to her.

That was so long ago, 1969 to 1976 or so when I went there..
9/26/2019 - Great Lakes Theatre - Detroit - Mark Schmeling
That Mike Filey photo has thrown me for a loop.

I can't believe that is the Great Lakes on Grand River Ave. No. Impossible. It's some other Great Lakes Theatre.

As a kid I worked my way up and down Grand River Ave between the Redford, the Norwest, and the Great Lakes. For a time, didn't the days of the week light up on both sides of the proscenium arch during coming attractions, signifying when the next movies would be playing??????? I too worked, for about a year, at the transformation from Great Lakes to Vest Pocket. I believe Max Morath: An Evening at the Turn of the Century was the initial stage offering, then Buddy Ebsen appeared in, The Apple of His Eye, and then - the reason the Neaderlander's slapped a fresh coat of paint on this old venue - the Detroit premiere of America's Tribal Love Rock Musical - Hair.

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