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3/24/2020 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Mike
Donnie Taylor passed away on 2/4/2020 at age 84.
3/24/2020 - B&L Speedway - Benzonia - Austin
I would actually be really interested in knowing the price range of this. It looks like a nice race track, And it sure looks like it would bring in some drivers. Especially North of the Border.
3/18/2020 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Dean Gaul
Carrie Hartley I was friends with your uncle Boyd and was actually thinking he may have had lots of photos and memorabilia from Tri City.

I have thought about contacting your family to see if that were the case. It does not sound like that's the case? I have dragway pics but none of Boyd. One interesting fact, your uncle made arrangements for me to watch an entire sunday of racing from the tower for my 16th birthday. it was awesome!!!.

3/18/2020 - Cinema Four Theatres - Mount Pleasant - Michael
When I was growing up about 30 minutes north of Mt.

Pleasant, I saw many many movies at this theater throughout the 80's and 90's. It was the closest larger theater (by the standards then) that had more than one screen and decent sound. In a pre internet age, and as a kid who was always into much bigger things than much of northern Michigan could offer, movies were my window to a larger and more exciting world. Sometimes I would have my parents drop me off at the Cinema Four to see a movie while they ran errands or did other things I wasn't very interested in.

I saw dozens of movies there over the years, but a handful I remember specifically were An American Tail, The Land Before Time, Back to the Future II, Dragonheart, Mr. Holland's Opus, Demolition Man, and the movie that changed the direction of my career, Jurassic Park. At the time of seeing Jurassic Park on opening day on June 11, 1993, the Cinema Four had just been equipped to handle DTS surround sound. Jurassic Park was the very first movie to even carry a DTS surround mix.

I can remember the whole area turning out to see the movie that night on opening day, and the theater was packed. I held my ticket stub in my hand through the whole movie, and by the end it was as limp as cloth from my wringing it through my hand with excitement and tension. This changed my focus even as a kid, and I decided that night to make film and television my career. I later went on to film school and have worked as a television producer and editor ever since.

I can also remember sitting in the theater's main lobby as I waited to go in to see my movie, and hearing the few arcade games there running through their demos. The one in particular that I remember was the shooter game Operation Wolf by Taito. That game was in the lobby for years. Another memory from this theater that I have, was in 1995 when the movie Ace Ventura When Nature Calls came out.

Jack Loek's theaters, which owned the Cinema Four, offered a large Ace Ventura popcorn bucket for around $20. When you bought it, it allowed you free popcorn refills for the entire summer, or possibly longer at around 3 to 4 months. Considering what concessions cost, it was an incredible deal! During my first year in college at CMU just across Mission, I would even go to discount movies in the theater's later years, in between classes when there was time. The Cinema Four was essentially just a plain big box theater complex, but that was much more normal at the time, and it was great.

Most other theaters in the area were similar to the Ward and Broadway, also in Mt. Pleasant, and were single screens in old vaudeville-style stage theaters. Despite changing standards, I was sad to return to Mt. Pleasant one year to find the Cinema Four demolished.

It was one of my own little worlds growing up, along with just a couple other theaters in Central Michigan, and it had a big impact on me..
3/18/2020 - Gratiot Drive-In Theatre - Roseville - Al
I think it closed later then that i believe i had a 1988 dakota and i was there with it.
3/18/2020 - Ishpeming Speedway - Ishpeming - Steven P. McCoy
I forgot to mention, I have both movie projectors from the Evergreen Drive-in, that was real close to the Ishpeming Speedway. One can be viewed on this site, in the drive-in section.
3/18/2020 - Home Theatre - Detroit - Brianne Turczynski
Hello, I'm writing a book on the Poletown neighborhood and would like to know more about the Home Theater/The Castle.

If anyone could share their stories with me that would be great! Pictures would be welcomed too. Thank you! -Brianne Please use this email to contact me. Briannefaye@gmail. com.

2/16/2020 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Dave Eby
There was an amusement park on Lake Erie in LaSalle Michigan which is in Monroe County Michigan.

It dates back to about 1910 and lasted into the 1950's or 1960's. It was called Toledo Beach Amusement Park but was about 15 miles north of the Ohio-Michigan state line. There are postcards about it on eBay all the time. It originally had its own train rail stop that dead ended into the park.

It had a large ornate dance hall and a huge water slide that sat in the waters of Lake Erie. It also had a permanent Ferris Wheel among other things. It advertised as having the world's largest outdoor roller skating rink in the 1950's. Many people not familiar with it think it was in Ohio because of the Toledo Beach name and Toledo was just 15 miles south.

The dance hall was electrified very early and was something to see at night..
2/16/2020 - Algiers Drive-In Theatre - Westland - Jr. Dude
Update Uncle Dave LaCasper has passed away, he passed on Friday January 24, 2020 at age 71, RIP my dear friend I love you always and forever Your friend in time Jr. Dude.
2/16/2020 - Sugar Island Park - Sugar Island - Martin Cote
Joseph Rocheleau: I notice that you are trying to find me. I looked on Facebok, but can't find YOU You CAN find me on Facebook under Martin Cote, so take a look. Anxious to meet you, at least on line.
2/16/2020 - Riverland Amusement Park - Sterling Heights - Les Marinko
Went with my family when my Dad's UAW local 245 would hold its picnic there. I remember the elephant. I'm surprised nobody wrote about it.
2/16/2020 - Varsity Theatre - Detroit - Annie Bussinger
My brother, sisters and I grew up on Stoepel near Grove st.

We saw many movies at the Varsity theatre. This was the 60's and seeing Batman on the big screen in 1966 really stands out in my memory. Right around 1970, the Stoepel gang were still going to the Varsity, but not for movies. It was vacant by then and we sat in the seats and talked about the movies we had seen.

13 yrs old and crying for the old Varsity. Our father grew up in the same house in the 1930's and 40's and he had fond memories of the Varsity..
2/16/2020 - B&L Speedway - Benzonia - dmitri denune
i would like to find info on this i would like to see if i can open this upin memory for my gpa and i am a car enthusiast and i love racing i hope u can right back to my gmail cause i am very interested in this.
2/16/2020 - Holly Theatre - Holly - C.King
In reguards to the Holly Theatre,the correct zip code for the physical address of this incredible piece of historical significance is 48442.

I have priceless memories of 1 of my grandpas' taking me to the Theatre building to intricate Detroit Model Railroad Club exhibits there. That was in the '80's. It was a 1 day or weekend a year if I remember correctly. Admission was $1.

2/16/2020 - Showcase Cinemas Ann Arbor - Ypsilanti - Cameron Kanachki
Since 2010, this has been the Rave Cinemas Ann Arbor.
2/16/2020 - Gratiot 21 - Clinton Township - Cameron Kanachki
Sometime in the past year, it has now become the AMC Star Gratiot 15. They have closed down the 6-theater wing.
2/16/2020 - Somerset Cinema - Troy - Jean L.
I worked at the somerset cinema for a few months.

Oh my. Carrie and saturnight fever played. I remember taking tickets and dumping the giant bags of preponderance corn into the popcorn warmers. There was thus disco called the giraffe in the hotel.

Omg. Omg..
2/16/2020 - Ramona Park - Grand Rapids - marge McClarren
I have a carnival prize from Ramona Park that I purchased several years ago.

The seller told me it was from Ramona Park. He was an old fellow. I thought someone would like to buy it from me. It is a chalkware lighted ship, about 14 x 14, mostly a beige color with pastel paint on it.

Lights shine out of the portholes and looks really cool. It's in pretty good shape considering its age. Unfortunately I did not take pictures of it before I took it to my booth to sell. I am selling my personal collection of TV lamps and included this with them although it is much older.

It may be seen at West Michigan Antique Mall in Grand Haven off US 31 between M-45 and Grand Haven proper. I'm asking $100. 00. Call before you go (616) 842-0370 to verify it has not been sold.

email me if you have questions..
2/16/2020 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore -
Chuck Martin I own trademark to Motor City Dragway. On Facebook I have a site Fans of the Old Motor City Dragway page.
2/16/2020 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore -
Closed in Oct 1977 never reopened 1978.
2/16/2020 - Pine Ridge Amusement Park - Birch Run - Cara Smith
Is there any chance of reopening pine ridge amusement park, or something similar to it? Small version rides and regular size in an enclosed area such as dome etc. These are things that are greatly needed. This was a great place. It would be a great addition to the campground.
2/16/2020 - Crystal Theater - Chesaning - Joe Stanuszek
I remember going there when I was 3 (fall 1950).

First time seeing a moving picture. The outdoor box office brightly painted with lots of light bulbs. There were a couple of steps up to enter the building. Wooden folding seats attached to the floor maybe 15- 20 in a row.

Two bathrooms at the back the size of walk-in closets along with a table and coat rack. Popcorn was 5 cents -the bag had a big 5 on it. Shocking when the lights off and the projector started. It was a black/ white cartoon with dancing animals and a mouse at the wheel of a steamboat (Disney's Steamboat Willy?).

Movie was Snow White. Bright colors were amazing - Most memorable were the 7 dwarfs singing while working the mine. The theater closed within a week or so after, I recall Mom saying a new one was to be built.
2/16/2020 - Beverly Theatre - Detroit - M A
Beverly Theater was bought and restored for use as a Convention center by JW. 1967, for many years until sold.
1/15/2020 - Alpena Drive-In Theatre - Alpena - Pete Poirier
I know they were open as of fall 1981. My older cousins went to see The Blue Lagoon Labor Day weekend.
1/13/2020 - Ishpeming Speedway - Ishpeming - amos mccoy
I believe this is where a fella named Earl Francis Krause, fell to his death during a parachute jump on July 4th, 1952.

He was only 25 years old. He was trying to put on a show for about 4,000 spectators, when he opened his chute too late. Officers stated that he left an indentation in the ground of almost a foot. I would like to see a picture of the race track, and race drivers, where this took place.

I know of a couple of guys that used to race there in the day. Rest in Peace Earl. Amos McCoy.
1/13/2020 - Uptown Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
The Uptown shown in the photo is the one on Woodward in Highland Park, not the one on Mack in Detroit.
1/13/2020 - State Theatre - Lake Orion - Nick Sortzi
The State Theatre has been demolished and replaced with an apartment building.
1/13/2020 - Oriental Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
This theater was attached to the Hotel Briggs, which is now an apartment building called Briggs Houze, and the theater lobby was in the ground floor of the hotel. The lobby space recently reopened as an Asian restaurant called Pao. The parking lot the auditorium formerly occupied is now used by apartment residents.
1/13/2020 - Myrtle Theatre - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
Demolished and replaced with parking for University of Detroit Mercy's Dental School.
1/13/2020 - Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts - Detroit - Nick Sortzi
Music Hall is not closed.

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