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9/10/2019 - Prairie River Speedway - Centreville - jody gest
i was born in 1958 so the track had closed 2 year before that.

my dad had raced there so i only heard stories. i grew up right next to the track and remember walking to it and seeing only a few bleachers and the tower which was all that was left. if anyone has photos I'm looking for my dads number 99. please email me.

8/27/2019 - Big Rapids Cinema - Big Rapids - John McDowell
This location has been an AMC property for several years. I think they are branding it as an AMC Classic.
8/17/2019 - Thunder Road Raceway - Cass City - michael kish
my uncle Garry Cox used to race there fifty years ago.

he was underaged at the time (16) but looked older. lots of bump and run went on there. came across this doing a little research for his eulogy. he passed 8/11/19.

good memories..
8/17/2019 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - jerry braun
great to see all the people turn out for the meet& greet hope they do it again I could not stay long but I really enjoyed it.
8/17/2019 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - Helen
Marva Ogle.

I also went to Ruddiman and Wilson, but Cody was my high school. My sister went to Mackenzie. We lived on Ashton between Warren and Sawyer. Her name was Evelyn Shuput.

My grandfather worked at the Warren Theatre as the janitor. His name was Rade. We spent lots of Sunday afternoons at that show in the 50's.
8/17/2019 - Fort George Drive-In Theatre - Southgate - josh
I remember my Godfather lived across the street from the Fort George Drive-In and the Southgate cinema in the early 1980s. I remember Fast Times at Ridgemont High had just opened and was showing at the drive-in and his daughter and her friends who were much older than I am went to see Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D at the cinema. Used to think how cool that all of these movies were practically in their front yard and short walking distance.
8/6/2019 - Mecca Theatre - Saginaw - Joel Max Curran
I found an old photo of the Mecca Theater that I would like to share but don't know how?. From the site administrator: Just email the photo to waterwiinterwonderland@gmail. com.
8/6/2019 - Skyline Auto Theatre - Morenci - David Carlson
Hi Joe, You are correct.

The McCleans owned the drive-in in Wauseon, Oh, the drive-in in Morenci, Mi. and at least for a time, the Rex Theater in Morenci. They also owned a motel at exit 20 on the Ohio Turnpike outside of Wauseon. The Morenci Drive-in was barely inside Michigan by several feet.

The McCleans were close friends of my family and have passed on..
8/6/2019 - Fort George Drive-In Theatre - Southgate - Bob
Yeah right Frank. They gonna tear down a drive in. Then rebuild it from scratch.
8/6/2019 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Marcy
A cousin recently passed and left me with some nice photos and autographs of drivers/cars who raced at the Motor City Speedway.

I'm so fascinated - I spent more than a few nights at the Mt. Clemens race track as a kid. (and I still enjoy a good dirt track race at the Merrit Speedway from time to time) My cousin was born in 1932 and one photo is dated 1947, so I'm guessing most are from the mid-1940's. I could use some help making sure I've deciphered the autographs correctly.

Each autograph also has the car number and/or color: Ralph Pratt :: Bill Mitchell :: Chuck Mesler :: Al Bonnell :: Carl Forberg :: Howard Marlen :: Art Hartfeld :: Buddy Huesman :: George Witzman :: Jimmy McKeague :: Carson Zeiter :: Andy Barto :: Jake Jacobson? :: ?John Smigg? (cream & red) :: ?Chuck L. ? M68 (Guy Lombardo's racing racing partner 1946 Gold Cup Boat Racers) :: Pete Romcevich :: Eddie Ostwick :: Iggy Katona :: ?B*** Luce? (B6) :: Wayne Wynn :: Roy Duby :: Bernie Jacobson :: Neal Carter :: ?Perceaver Southcatt? (1 Black) :: Al Placky :: Johnny Wohlfeil :: Jack/Dick? Nalou (Bronze 21) :: Al Momenee :: Johnny Fredericks :: ? Bart? St John (46 white/black) :: Bill Clifton Kind Regards, Marcy gopeachy5@gmail. com.
7/27/2019 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Karen Devlin Taylor
my family Neal and Laura Devlinhad the 120 Doug Harvey and many others drove for us. i grew up at the speedway Great to hear about this meet and greet.
7/27/2019 - Commerce Drive-In Theatre - Commerce - Aaron Shivnen
I am interested in developing the land here for a new Drive-In Theater.

I have begun the planning process, I believe there is a market for this and I am moving forward to procuring approval. Bob, I am interested in your thoughts on what a modern throw-back to the fifties Drive-In Theater should look like. Email me at AShivnen@kennedyind. com if you are interested.

7/27/2019 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - todd romeo
i am son of joe (sneaky snake) romeo.

learned to drive at the track in 74 when mom and dad ran it that year. got lots of old photos of that place and drivers. dad passed in 03 but memories live on. dad won his first race in the quigley boys 181 modified in like 71.

7/18/2019 - Merrie Melodie Theatre - Rochester Hills - Gaj
I remember being a little kid and being mesmerized by this little movie theatre in the old Meadowbrook Mall. I remember a gentleman at the front box office window in a coat and tie and they would show older movies like Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Equus and Mary Queen of Scots.
7/10/2019 - Cinema 2 Drive-In Theatre - Manistique - Eric Sherbinow
So here is the official story on the U.

S. 2 Drive In Theater: For the last few years a couple of foolish guys with clearly too much time on their hands, who love movies and drive in theaters have been holding free community movie events at this theater. Eventually we named ourselves the Upper Peninsula Film Union. We find sponsors to pay for the licensing and we let local nonprofits operate the concession stand so they can raise money for their cause.

It's a big win for everyone. This old drive in has been for sale for many years and in the spring of 2018 it was nearly sold to a logging operation that would have use the property as a log storage yard. This would have been a real tragedy since this is the last standing drive in theater in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. As we were nearing the end of the 2018 movie season we decided to go ahead and approach a bank to see if we could finance the purchase of the property.

We formed a 501(c)3 nonprofit as the Upper Peninsula Film Union and went to talk to the president of a local bank. He was very aware of what we had been doing at the drive in for the last few years and thought it was wonderful. He was fully on board with the idea of the Film Union saving the drive in and we worked out a very good deal. Of course we still have to pay the loan back but we believe with future fundraising efforts and donations we will be able to do that in time.

The concession stand was in terrible condition and over the winter we have put a lot of work into it. It is far from done but the interior is getting close to completion. The exterior and the rest of the property is next on the hit list. Once the interior of the concession is complete we will start to kick the fundraising machine into gear.

We wanted to wait until we had something to show off. We have decided that we will use the original U. S. 2 Drive In name instead of the more recent Cinema 2 name (there was a theater downtown called Cinema 1 owned by the same person several years ago, that theater no longer uses that name so the Cinema 2 idea isn't as clever as it once was).

While we are not remodeling it to look like it originally did we are going for a look that would have been typical in the year it was built (1953). We will not be using the malt shop look that everyone doing something with a 50's look seems to do. This is not a malt shop. This is a drive in theater and everything will not be red, white, black and chrome.

Anyway, we have saved this theater from a very sketchy fate. We have kicked off the 2018 season with our first show on the 29th of June. Our next will be on the 27th of July. We only host 3 or 4 events per year because we know that if we did more the numbers of people attending each show would dwindle.

Plus it would be impossible to find sponsors for more events. On top of that we are volunteers with lives and jobs and we don't take a penny for what we do at the drive in. We do also host a monthly film club in the concession stand of the drive in. 6 to 12 people get together and we watch a randomly chosen film inside a cool, old drive in concession stand and then discuss the movie afterward.

It is always a good time. Sorry for the long-winded blab. If you want to help us save this sole survivor of the Upper Peninsula's cinema bygone years please find the U. Film Union on Facebook. You can be made aware of upcoming events there and find the link to our GoFundme. Thanks for taking a moment to read this!.
7/10/2019 - Motor City Speedway - Warren Township - Moe Meiers
Miller, All I know of Harmon Willcutt is he drove a car #02. His cars were built by a guy name Roy Laffey. Roy I think worked for Eaton Axle. Roy had a son I think name Jim Laffey.

Around 1974-5 Jim was working for Gratiot Auto Supply, he would have been around 20 years old. Roy is probably gone. Harmon was the champion in either '58 or '57. George Cooper was the champion the other year and he drove #33 for Parkers Garage! Just my two cents worth! Moe!.

7/3/2019 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - David G. Burkett
Does anybody remember John Burt Bob's brother inlaw. Or bud Bob's brother or Stan.
7/3/2019 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Erica
My bf just got back from mowing/brush hogging around the track for the last three hours. Why, you might ask? Because on August 10, we shall party. Paul Sroufe (Mel Sroufe) and friends are putting together a big bash - any and all who remember the good ol days of Manchester Speedway are welcome. We hope to see you there, with memories to share.
7/3/2019 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - jerry braun
7/3/2019 - Manchester Speedway - Manchester - Trenda Eversole
Meet and Greet at the Manchester Speedway August 10, 2019 The event runs from noon-5p at the Manchester speedway (old track) on Schleweis Rd. A bunch of race fans from Manchester are pulling together to get as much info and people together to reminisce the drivers and old track memories. It would be nice to have all you race fans to help pull this together You can email me or check on FaceBook for details and updates. Thanks, Trenda Eversole.
7/3/2019 - Detroit Dragway - Brownstown Twp - Bill Ray
I remember my first time at Detroit Dragway.

I was 9 years old. I fell in love with all the wheelstanding Super Stock cars. Ramchargers, Sox & Martin, Bill Jenkins and the list goes on. In 1965 some of these cars had an altered wheelbase and looked kind of Funny.

I had no idea i was witnessing the birth of Funny Cars right in front of me. Connie Kalitta was always one of my favorite drivers with his 1969 blue Mach One Mustang. The next time I saw that car it had Cha Cha Muldowney painted on the side with some girl driving. My friends and I were shocked to see some Female driving a Nitro Funny Car.

It took a few years but I changed my mind about this Girl Driver. She is a Champion and I have a tremendous amount of respect for Shirley and all she has done for the sport of Drag Racing. I miss those days of hitch hiking down Telegraph road to get to the track. I still have several ticket stubs and pit passes from the track.

A few of them were autographed by Ronnie Sox. A Treasured memory for sure. I now live in Don Garlits hometown of Tampa, Florida. I drive by his old house and shop every so often when I'm feeling nostalgic.

Always a gearhead..
7/3/2019 - Globe Theatre - Flint - Yvonne Greene
I lived for seven years as a child on Cornelia St.

and attended Doyle Elementary. The Ritz Theater was my brothers' and my favorite place for Saturday matinees (including a news report, several cartoons, a cliff-hanging serial and the featured western film). we also trekked to the Star and Regent and if we were feeling especially adventurous we would walk downtown on Saginaw Street to see first run movies at the Capitol or Palace Theaters. My mother also lived on Cornelia as a youngster and went to vaudeville performances at the Ritz, as well as to silent films and talkies there.

Probably the most memorable experience at the Ritz was seeing Hopalong Cassidy and his well trained, beautiful white horse. He and the horse clattered up on the old wooden stage at the Ritz for a brief but exciting horse trick performance..
7/3/2019 - Beverly Theatre - Detroit - Paul Brown
The Beverly Theatre was not demolished. It is currently occupied by the Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Ministries.
6/13/2019 - Joe's Speedway - Farwell - Ricky Fox
Found track on google maps. It is on Superior St. Between Maple Grove and Surrey Rds. Farwell MI.
6/13/2019 - St. Alma Speedway - St. Louis -
Dale Betzer. And Darrell Hunday also raced this track.
6/13/2019 - Hague Park - Jackson - Dez
I just bought a home across from the lake.

The park is my front yard. I was told my previous owners my house was the bath house and my neighbor told me it was the ticket booth. (The basement part of my house). I would love to know if this is true if anybody could help.

When I'm outside and see the lake I imagine the park back then. Its neat and to think what was and what the truths are!..
6/4/2019 - Pandora 1&2 - Taylor - Hamoody Jaafar
Hello, Growing up, I used to go to my uncle's Video Store International Video Center on Schaefer rd in Dearborn.

My dad took me every weekend and every weekend, my Uncle, Fawzi Jafar, who owned that store, made sure I always left with a new movie to take home and watch. That same uncle, owned two movie theatres called Pandora. It was just before I was born. One was on Lafayette downtown in Detroit and the other in Taylor off of Telegraph.

I'm a filmmaker now myself (www. hamoodyjaafar. com) and can't help but have a longing to discover more about my Uncle's theatres. Do you have any additional info about these by chance? I just figured I would reach out to ask.

Thank you so much in advance..
6/4/2019 - Allen Speedway - Gladwin - John Berry
Part of Gladwin County Fairgrounds.
6/4/2019 - Somerset Cinema - Troy - Greg K
I worked at the Somerset Cinema during the summer of 1979.

It was still part of the General Cinema Corporation at the time. I don't recall too much, except our manager's name was John Fowler (surprised I recalled that), and depending on the particular movie, we did some pretty good business. Due to the location and the space the two screens were squeezed into, it would get very crowded at times. I'll always remember the big crowds we had for Moonraker, the James Bond movie out at the time.

I just remember the long and narrow auditoriums that were there. the screens seemed so far away because of the distance down the aisle to the front..
6/1/2019 - Maple Hill Cinema - Kalamazoo - Michael
Best childhood memory happened here.

I was 10 years old and Superman the movie opened Christmas 1978. It was, I believe, January 1979 and the last week Superman was showing at the theater. My mom called me in sick to school and we took the bus to the Cinema I II III. We arrived late and started watching when Clark kicked the football.

My mom explained to the theater staff her kids missed the beginning and they graciously let us stay and watch the beginning of the next showing. On the way out my mom purchased a Superman the Movie souvenir book which I still own 41 years later. Thanks mom, RIP, love you!.

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