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9/19/2018 - Pleasure Island Water Park - Norton Shores - Jason Pearcy
Trying to find out some info about Pleasure Island.

I went to PI as a kid and my wife grew up in the area as well. She seems to think PI was named Splash at some point which I do not think that was the case. Was there another in the area named Splash. I found one that used to exist in Grand Rapids but just checking.

9/4/2018 - Troy Drive-In Theatre - Troy - Jeff
My family lived in Troy when I was a boy in the early 60s.

Our house was on Austin St. right across the highway, I could see the movie from my bed. In those days Austin St. was homes with big lots, we had about 2 acres.

A lot of families on that street had small farms in the back of their houses. We had an Allis Chalmers tractor and a Model A ford in the back yard next to the barn. I remember going to the drive-in in my pajamas and wake up in my bed the next day. Every 4 of July they would have fireworks.

9/4/2018 - Vista Drive-In Theatre - Walker - Clark Callear
I worked at the concession from 1970 to 1972 (from 15 years old to 17).

I started out in soft drinks (Coke, Sprite, or Orange. no diet drinks then). Then I moved up to Popcorn. And finally I was the Cashier.

A perk, as an employee, was free admission to the movies. for my friends and me! Some nights we would drive in with several cars full of teenagers. My friends at the ticket booth just waved us through. what fun!.

8/27/2018 - Capital City Speedway - Lansing - David Beck
WOW! This site sure brings back memories.

I grew up on this track. My dad, Don Beck, used to drive there and had a tire groover that he used to groove tires for the drivers. My mom, Helen used to drive powderpuff races until she won too often and they let her and another woman race with the men. The other woman, ( Jerry something) went over the banking on turn 3 and 4 and landed upsidedown in that big mudhole by the pits.

Boy I miss those days..
8/24/2018 - Imlay City Speedway - Imlay City - Ronald Bolek
Hi, I was the son of the former owner of imlay city speedway.

I was looking for any information. My fathers name was Larry McCloskey. he passed away in 2016. Thank you.

8/12/2018 - Avalon Theatre - Detroit - Fred
I lived a couple blocks away.

Every weekend all the kids would line up to see whatever was playing. Usually several cartoons, a newsreel, previews and 2 action thriller movies. Admission was 12 cents on Sat and 20 cents on Sun. This was about 1950.

The Avalon Restaurant was next door. My classmate's parents owned it and one day I was invited inside to eat in the back where the staff worked. Very exciting for a little kid.
8/12/2018 - Devil's Lake Amusement Park - Manitou Beach - Elwood Van Loon
My name is Elwood/Reno and I played at the pavilion in Devils Lake with a band called the Cimbalas. Would love to hear from any of the guys. Stan House, Tom Armstrong, Lenny Liberato, Dick Macon.
8/12/2018 - Thunder Road Raceway - Cass City - Jim Ferguson
I spent many Saturday nights there in the late 70's.

My dads friends owned the track at the time, Dave Duncun and his wife I believe. We would stay with the Philpot family who lived near there. Always a good time. I recall a Superbird sitting near an old barn there, I doubt its still there.

7/29/2018 - Forum 30 - Sterling Heights - Cameron Kanachki
The proposed shutdown of one wing of the theater has not come to fruition. The theater will remain a 30-screen theater.
7/29/2018 - Adrian Cinema 10 - Adrian - Cameron Kanachki
Along with the MJR locations in Sterling Heights & Westland, the MJR in Adrian is being renovated. They are putting in new carpeting & recliners in each of the theaters. This is expected to be completed in the fall.
7/29/2018 - MJR Marketplace Cinema 20 - Sterling Heights - Cameron Kanachki
Along with the MJR locations in Westland & Adrian, the MJR Marketplace in Sterling Heights is being renovated. They are putting in new carpeting & recliners in each of the theaters. This is expected to be completed in the fall.
7/18/2018 - West Branch Speedway - West Branch - John Gaulin
Back in 1969 when I got home from South East Asia I took a trailer load of old tires to the track for Rick.

It was right after the track was paved, also #16 had a 427 ci in engine installed, Rick was the first car and driver on the newly paved track. The reason I remember this so well was he let me take #16 for a few laps on the track. A day I will never forget. Thank you Rick Zettel.

7/18/2018 - M-37 Dragway - Brohman - Ron Wood
I raced at M-37,and still have my trophies.

I ran G/MP with a 65 Chevy ,and the nest year a 63 Nova in C/Gas class. Just found some pictures if you'd be interested in posting them. I can make copies, just need to know whom, and where to send them. I remember the grudge races that you could race anyone for bragging rights.

7/6/2018 - Lapeer Dragway - Lapeer - Milo Janus
As some of my stuff reached the 120+mph Mark, there was a notable dip in the track near finish line. Wonderful to see it being renovated and especially replaced. I believe I worked with the new owner at KUKA in Fenton. He's a good, straight up guy who I wish nothing but the best.

As soon as my car is running, I plan on making it's maiden run at Lapeer!! Good luck Vill..
7/6/2018 - Lapeer Dragway - Lapeer - Randy Cronk
Jennings bought the track from its founder, Ed Vakula, in April and closed it the following month to begin massive renovations to the property — including ripping up the half-century old asphalt drag strip and replacing it with six inches of polished concrete the full length of the quarter-mile track.

He said he’s sinking $260,000 just in the track itself and plans on spending $2 million in improvements to the 60-acre site. Jennings has big dreams for the facility. He’s already purchased an additional 83 acres to the south and has his eyes on more. Along with repaving the track, he’s in the process of upgrading the electrical service, repairing the bleachers and fixing the restrooms and concession stand.

Jennings plans to replace all of the asphalt on the property, which is just south of Vernor Road. But, he added, he also envisions the property as a motorsports park with a BMX track, a campground as well as a restaurant and possibility other racing opportunities such as mudbogging..
7/6/2018 - Tra-Bay Theatre - Traverse City - Larry Hains
Unfortunately, some inaccurate info in other posts here.

Yes, Dreamland Theater closed in 1935, and reopened shortly after as ‘Tra-Bay’ (from Traverse Bay). It was located at 210 East Front Street (not 214). ‘Paul Peterson Barber and Beauty Shop’ occupied the front of the main floor. A narrow ascending hallway along one side of Peterson’s led back to the theater, which was in the rear of the structure.

The was a small (2-4 rows) balcony. The ‘U&I Lounge’ never occupied 210. Today 210 is a business called ‘Trains and Things. ’ The Tra-Bay was not around until 1964.

Peterson’ was there in 1956, but shortly thereafter, ‘Hamilton’s Clothing’ moved there from 206. The Tra-Bay closed sometime between 1950 and 1955, not sure of exact date offhand..
7/6/2018 - Standish Speedway - Standish - Bob Naismith
In answer to: 4/14/2014 - Brian Ferguson There's a a 1/2 mile dirt oval about 3 miles north of the speedway and on the west side of US 23 does anyone know what it was? That is the old horse track at the Arenac County Fairgrounds on the west side of Standish.
6/27/2018 - Walake Drive-In Theatre - Walled Lake - Mary E. Eastland
i grew up in Wixom, MI in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

When i was very little there was a drive in theater on Wixom Road where the Baptist Church is now, across from the old cemetery. the Baptist church purchased the drive in property and held it for years before they built the building that is now there ad the parsonage. They may have some information that can lead you to photos and the owner's name. I believe it was owned by the same owner of the drive in located in Waled lake, MI.

Let me know if you ind any photos. Thanks..
6/25/2018 - Fort George Drive-In Theatre - Southgate - Ray Brouillette
I worked at The Fort for a couple of years during high school.

Had a blast there. Dennis was the manager & Mrs. Olchowski, (Mrs. O), was the person that took in the cash at the front booth.

Great Times & Great Memories!!!..
6/25/2018 - Showcase Cinemas Grand Rapids - Cascade - Brian Deuel
Now the site of various structures. Costco Warehouse in the southwest portion, two strip malls on the outlot facing 28th St SE, and a Staples/Aldi's in the southeast portion of the lot.
6/25/2018 - Air Park Speedway - Douglas - Craig Drooger
I remember coming here as a young kid in the mid to late 50's. My father Gorden Drooger and Uncle Junior Terpstra raced here. My Grandmother owned the Motel/Restaurant called Glenwood just south of the track on Bluestar Highway, She told me she remembered a bunch of the drivers use to come in after they raced. One was Gorden Johncock who went on to win the Indy 500 twice, he was also good friends with my Dad.
6/25/2018 - Twilite Drive-In Theatre - Saginaw - Tom McGill
The marquee was on the building of The Listening Room. Doing some research it appears The Listening Room moved to a different location, and on their website they state that the mural was up until 2014 and they have a video of the lighting ceremony. Going down to street view I cannot locate the marquee anywhere so it appears that this one is lost.
6/18/2018 - Plaza 1 & 2 Theatre - Norton Shores - Chuck
This closed suddenly on May 26.
6/18/2018 - Lapeer Dragway - Lapeer - rick rzepka
Good news. New owners. track is currently being repaved. lots of upgrades planned.
6/18/2018 - Underground Forest - Frederic - Deana Leinberger
Relatives owned and developed this site, but I believe they manufactured souvenirs made of Michigan pine wood before they opened the Underground Forest. I’m not sure of the relative’s name but it could have been Rachwitz or BENNETT. Do you have any history of that? I was a chikd in the 50s when we visited there. Thx.
6/18/2018 - Punch and Judy Theatre - Grosse Pointe Farms - Jaime
OMG, the memories! I always walked past the P&J's movie poster walking home from Richard Elementary to see what was playing that weekend.

I saw Dr. Doolittle, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Rumpelstiltskin, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. many others. It was always the high point of the weekend for me! Back then (late 1960s), the matinee was 75¢.

Our mothers would give us each $1. We could get a decent-sized bag of candy at Farms Drugs for 25¢ and then head over to P&J. (I'm amazed the theater allowed that, but they did. ) I remember Play Misty for Me was showing for MONTHS, much to my disappointment.

As a child, I was too young to watch such a movie and had no interest in it. But I did see my first PG rated movie at the P&J. The Poseidon Adventure. Saw it with my best friend, Jocelyn.

(I was 11 years old. ) The movie blew me away and had me on the edge of my seat. I'd never known anything but Disney-styled movies until then. Such innocent times.

So long ago. I loved the P&J. It was part of my life many weekends when the world was younger.
6/18/2018 - Motor City Dragway - New Baltimore - John bimberg
I enjoyed your story because I used to race at Motor City with friends and New John Bloom very well.

I worked at Peerless induction for three years while I was going to college. Peerless induction was on St Aubin in Detroit. MyWife and I also went to numerous events with John. He passed away in 2006.

A lot of great memories!..
6/10/2018 - Ionia Drive-In Theatre - Ionia - Tom McGill
Interesting to note that there was Danny Boy's Drive-In Theater right across the street from where the Ionia once was. It wasn't a full drive-in because it appears to have had pop-up inflatable screen, but there were ramps. It was unable to open this spring though.
6/10/2018 - Big Rapids Drive-In Theatre - Big Rapids - Tom McGill
It would appear that this opened before 1963. It is fully visible in a 1955 Historic Aerial.
6/10/2018 - Mercury Theatre - Detroit - Chris Ott
Henry Dahlgren, my Swedish grandfather and a friend painted the mirals at the Mercury theater.

They came to the USA through Ellis Island in the early 1920s. Several commercial artists from Sweden came over to do artwork for the auto companies and the military. His renderings of army Tanks were unbelievably detailed. I was born in 1952 and we lived on Hartwell.

I vividly recall going to Abba Jays market for penny candy and baseball cards. I went to Vernor elementary school during kindergarten and remember then serving Vernors Ginger Ale on occasion. We moved to Huntongton Woods when I was 5 yrs old. We were on Elgin and used to go to the zoo for 10 cents and ride the train to Africa and go through the cool tunnels.

there. We could hear the lionss at the zoo roaring from our house when they fed them. It was great living there.

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