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10/14/2017 - Strand Theatre - Caro - Karen Peruski
Updated interior and fully digital now with larger screen. Love the prices versus the city theaters. New releases shown and a great family venue. Also a historic treasure for our town.
10/14/2017 - Grattan Raceway - Belding - dave eager
Did anyone see my clutch pay me a rather violent visit in my primer 66 chevelle this was about 1976. It b cool to have a pic of that.
10/10/2017 - Pleasure Island Water Park - Norton Shores - Brian L
I remember pleasure Island I remember the two speed slides that was right between the two Corkscrew slides and the mini golf course that was on the shore of the lake but I don't remember what lake it was LOL I remember the black hole it was the newest addition to the theme park at the time.

I was just a kid, went there a couple times one time as a field trip I think with the boy scout troop in once with my family. This was in the 80s and I remember Boblo Island as well it's sad that these theme parks dissolved. I even have the Kodak pictures of myself as a are young child mean my family at these great theme parks. Many fond memories.

10/3/2017 - Great Lakes Theatre - Detroit - Eric Ziegler
Grew up on Coyle between Grand River and Lyndon in mid to late 50s.

Burns School. Saturday matinee at the Great Lakes (a beautiful building) was 12 cents for two full length movies, six cartoons and a seriel episode. Adult admission was 70 cents. Movies changed after Saturday nite show with new ones on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon was 20 cents for kids. But only one cartoon and no serial adventure. We brought our candy in from United Pharmacy on the corner of Terry, Gergans Market next door or Bills on Lauder. And yes, we snuck into the balcony, got caught and sent downstairs but never got booted.

The older kids smoked in the boys bathroom and it always smelled not too god. Those were the days, huh..
9/24/2017 - Milan Dragway - Milan - Nicole DeLano
I attended the first ever legal drag race in Detroit last night. We are so excited to get more attention toward a very exciting motor sport. I think perfecting the safety points is key to expanding an exciting world of drag.
9/24/2017 - Flint Park - Flint - John Oviatt
Yes, Troy Winter, you are a bit confused but it was quite a few years ago that we often walked through Forest Park (aka Dewey Woods) to get to Flint Park. Walking through Dewey Woods is not recommended these days.
9/18/2017 - Onondaga Dragway - Onondaga - ron isenhath
is there a gary long memorial drag meet this saturday september 23 at the track? thanks.
9/13/2017 - Caruso Theatre - Dowagiac - Jami Chavez
That building is now a dance studio, also the building that Century Theatre was in is now a gym called Fit Stop which is where I currently work. I have been trying to get more info on the building and what was inside it. If you have any photos or info I would really like to see them.
9/13/2017 - Washington Theatre - Royal Oak - Paul Tamm
The Washington marquee and lobby are gone, but the theatre is still there. Instead of movies, the Stagecrafters acting group performs there. It's now called the Baldwin Theatre.
9/13/2017 - Almont Theatre - Almont - Pat
Something is going on with the building because they have been working on it inside and out for a few months now. Can't wait to see the results.
9/13/2017 - Commerce Drive-In Theatre - Commerce - Jeff F.
The sign has recently been refurbished and looks wonderful.
9/2/2017 - Denniston Cinemas - Monroe - Dennis Barger
Hey guys, love the site.

I just bought the Dennison 3 plex in July. We are going to bring most of it back to life. Uncovered a treasure trove of theater records, blue prints, manuals everything down to the tile choices that eventually became the burnt red used in the theater. amazing stuff, fulfilling a life long dream of owning a theater.

I will post as many pictures as I can along the restoration. If anyone knows how to get ahold of Joe Sterling the last owner please give him our info, wed love to talk to him. Thanks xanadutheater. com.

8/20/2017 - Trenton Theatre - Trenton - Debra Jackson
The Theatre has been renovated and is a very active performance theatre.

It is NOT closed. The photo you post is the OLD photo, although the new updated photo is in previous comments. The theatre seats 355. It is home to Downriver Youth Performing Arts Center, a youth theatre group working with ages 5-19, whose goal is the positive development of young people through experiences in the arts.

We also have a summer program, workshops, and host entertainment and other civic activities! To date, over $500,000 has been invested in the theatre via the support and encouragement of generous community, individual, and civic funding. It i available for rental and even hosts a couple of weddings per year!..
8/20/2017 - Showcase Cinemas Pontiac 6-12 - Bloomfield Hills - Kevin Wilburn
A Target with underground parking is now in its place.
8/20/2017 - Liberty Amusement Park - Battle Creek - Jim Mace
the picture labeled Pavilion (I think it's the 6th one down) and the last picture, are of Willard Beach, a part of the city-owned Willard Park at the southeast part of the Lake. The Liberty Amusement Park was at the northeast part of the lake. Great collection.
8/20/2017 - Onondaga Dragway - Onondaga - Ed
Just a update on Onondaga Dragway, it is open for operation now.

The court ruled in favor of the track owners last week. Racing starts this Saturday, August 12th, gates open at 8am, racing starts at 9am. Of course weather permitting. $35 to race, $10 to spectate, kids 10 and under are free.

8/8/2017 - Hillman Theatre - Hillman - Walter Lutz
Oh! the Great memories of Hillman,Mi.

My grandfather Hazel Totten owned the Theatre,Bowling Alley and the restraunt. He also owned the High Way Inn Bar. Wes Benac and my grandfather also owned the Thunder Bay Drive In Theatre between Hillman and Alpena. I use to wash the cars windows for extra money when they came to enter the Drive in.

Fished the Flood Waters with my grandfather. My grandfather live down the street from the dairy queen. Just behind the Slattery's (Giles,Sheila and Kevin) house. After my grandfather retired in 1964 from all of his businesses he and my grand mother moved to Sarasota,Fl.

He passed away there about a year or so after they had moved. My grand father will never be forgotten. He was my hero and my idle. They had two daughters - Nancy and Mary Ann.

Mary Ann passed away years ago. My mother Nancy is still living in Florida. She will be 93 in Sept.
8/8/2017 - Farmington 4 Cinemas - Farmington - Kenneth D. Barnard, Jr.
The Farmington 4 Cinemas was owned by the Krim Brothers.

Their corporation name was Krim Enterprises Inc. I used to work on and take care of their cars during the mid 70's. Sol Krim was a great guy whom I mostly interacted with. The other two brothers were good people too, Leonard and Mac.

They had another brother out in California who was a well-known Hollywood producer and also went by the nickname Mac Krim who had dated extensively Kim Novak in the mid 50's. I never figured out why the youngest brother always went by his older brother's nick name Mac? All the brothers used to also own and started out with Krim Theater on Woodward Ave. in the 1940's in Highland Park (enclave city in Detroit).
8/8/2017 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Carrie S Hartley
Does anyone have any photo's or information on my uncle. Boyd Dick Hartley, he was the announcer at most of the races when I was growing up back in the 60's and 70's. It would be interesting to see photos. Thanks Carrie H.
7/31/2017 - Warren Theatre - Detroit - marva ogle
Update: I worked at Warren Theater in 1953-1954, before that the Town Theater on Grand River near Southfield.

When the Warren needed a cashier they asked for me as I lived much closer. I went to Ruddiman for Elementary, bussed down to Verner Hwy to Wilson Middle School and road the DSR bus with a pass to Mackenzie High for High School, only went half days. Cody was not open then and when it did open they started with just 9th grade and added one more year each year. I lived on Ashton between Whitlock and Paul, having moved there in 1940 and moved 1954, when I got married.

My maiden name was Marva Craig, anyone remember me. Nice to read all the memories from back then..
7/31/2017 - Frolic Theatre - Midland - Sandra K. Smith
My Gr.

Grandfather was the owner of the Frolic Theater, his name was David M. Bye. He also owner several other businesses in the surrounding area. According to my father, he was the richest man in Midland other than Willard Dow.

I do know that he was quite wealthy as he was heir to monies from his father Lord Bye, from England..
7/31/2017 - Four Star Theatre - Grand Rapids - Howard Parks
Popeye's Chicken took over the spot where Four Star stood. Popeye's used to be next door but built a new building when Four Star was demolished.
7/27/2017 - Pontiac Speedway - Pontiac - Marcus Opie
The M-59/Elizabeth Lk/Cass Lk Rd site was a swamp in the 50s, filled for Kmart, but not very well if you look at the lot. No track was there. M-59 speedway was the only track in the area 7or 8 miles west.
7/27/2017 - Harpos Concert Theatre - Detroit - Shelly Neal
This place is currently under new ownership. Much cleaner and better security is in the works.
7/27/2017 - Michigan Theatre - Detroit - C Thomas
My first concert! 12 years old.

May 1974. The New York Dolls! How did my parents agree to this??? The Dolls (David, Johnny, Sylvain, Arthur, and Jerry) came out and just floored everyone! Dressed in full glitter and high heels! And Sylvain in over-size sunglasses! They were so visual! They rocked loud and hard. They were so loud that they blew out the sound system and the concert was stopped for a brief amount of time. I remember hearing a few (maybe more than a few) Go back to New York! shouts.

People were jazzed and in no mood to be waiting. But once the PA was fixed, the concert continued and the Dolls were amazing! And still very loud! As for the Michigan Palace? It was also amazing. Even to a 12 year old boy. Lots of red.

Lots of gold. Lots of marble. I remember how lush it felt. The lobby was almost overwhelming.

The lights hanging from the ceiling were incredible. The ceiling inside the actual theatre was very detailed. It had lots of old-time charm. I can only imagine what the theatre might have looked like in the very beginning or 25, 30 years earlier! Amazing! And for me as a kid, it was a great place to see my first concert - or any concert - what a great memory to have! I will admit, with the list of acts that played there, I'm surprised it didn't continue.

Which is too bad. It could have been a classic venue for artists coming through Detroit to play at - like the FOX. It's terrible to see it now - and what it has become. Such a shame.

But this doesn't end on a sour note. I attended that New York Dolls show with my brother. I can still see my Mom & Dad parked in the very first parking space (right in front of the theatre!) waiting in the car for my brother and I to come out. And that still makes me smile.

Thanks to my Parents for letting us go and having a memory that will last a lifetime!..
7/27/2017 - Tri-City Dragway - Saginaw - Jack Hille
I am looking for photos of my 1969 SC/Rambler pulled from a barn.

I have talked with original owner who raced it at Tri City extensively. He gave me all the trophies. I am told someone out there has micro fish from the Dragstrip. Sometimes the car ran under sponsorship Of Kryza AMC out of Fenton Mi.

Any help would be great..
7/27/2017 - Denniston Cinemas - Monroe - Matt Wilkinson
Friend of mine just bought the old denniston theater. He owns wonderworld comics and plans to operate his comic book/toy store in this location and Plans on leaving one theater to show films of the comic nature I believe.
7/6/2017 - Mt. Clemens Race Track - Mount Clemens - Jennifer Bauer
Gibraltar Trade Center to close Mt. Clemens location after 37 years. The same location of the Mt Clemens Race Track, that was demolished to make way for this shopping weekend market. Last day is August 27, 2017, the land has been sold to an industrial complex developer.
6/25/2017 - Edgewater Park - Detroit - Bob
I worked at Edgewater from 1972-1975.

I was 16 when I started and worked there up until my Freshman year of college. My first year I blew up baloons for the dart game, then worked Skee Ball the next three years. I remember when the park only cost $1. 00 for the entire day, however the Roller Coaster was an additional fee.

My boss was Leo Pike and his assistant was Doug Trout (honest to goodness, a true story). I made $1. 50/hour in 1972 and $2. 00/hour by the time I quit in '75.

They had great French fries there. Sometimes when I hear an old song on the radio it brings back memories of Edgewater because those same songs were piped throughout the park, alll day, every day! Working there was an educational experience and I never knew what to expect from day to day..
6/16/2017 - Thunder Road Raceway - Cass City - Brent Kostanko
Hello all - There is a video on YouTube that shows actual footage of Thunder Road Speedway posted by Bill Murawski (Thank you Bill, mom loved it). Type in Thunder Road Speedway 1976. Enjoy.

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