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This page is for searching images throughout the site, whether they relate to defined categories or not. This version is sort of in Beta so bear with me while I get it tweaked correctly. The intent of this page is to unify searching for images, For example of you only want to see items related to a certain area, enter the name of the city or location name and you will see results relating to that in all categories.

For example, if you enter the term "Algonac" you will see pics of the Algonac Theater, Seaway Drive-In and various motels and restaurants that have the word "Algonac" in the name. Some of the images and captions will be links that will transfer you to detail pages and some will not, the color of the caption will indicate that. You can enter your name if you have contributed pics to the site and want to review them, I normally embed your name into the caption.

Please do not enter overly simplistic search criteria like "theater" as the result set will be too large and the page will probably time out, the limit of the results is 80 pics at a time. A city name is OK, just avoid using "Detroit" as again, the result set will be huge!
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