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Fort George Drive-In Theatre

Address: 16300 Fort Street
City: Southgate
State: MI
Zip: 48195
County: Wayne
Open: 1950 (5-4-50) AD
Closed: 1990
Capacity: 94
Owner History: Nicholas George
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8/17/2019 - josh
I remember my Godfather lived across the street from the Fort George Drive-In and the Southgate cinema in the early 1980s. I remember Fast Times at Ridgemont High had just opened and was showing at the drive-in and his daughter and her friends who were much older than I am went to see Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D at the cinema. Used to think how cool that all of these movies were practically in their front yard and short walking distance.
8/6/2019 - Bob
Yeah right Frank. They gonna tear down a drive in. Then rebuild it from scratch.
6/25/2018 - Ray Brouillette
I worked at The Fort for a couple of years during high school. Had a blast there. Dennis was the manager & Mrs. Olchowski, (Mrs. O), was the person that took in the cash at the front booth. Great Times & Great Memories!!!.
2/17/2016 - Mike
I worked there the summer of 1979. I was one of the lucky people that came in the next morning and cleaned up the place. Picked up the trash and cleaned the bathrooms. Found some interesting things that we didn't want to touch way out in the back rows. The good thing was that I had $20 worth of empty bottles and cans in my trunk. When I needed gas I cashed in some bottles.
11/10/2015 - Greg Shur
Fort George Drive In Was Torn Down Before Southgate Theatre. It sat vacant for a couple years before Meijer built a store on the site.
8/5/2013 - Doreen Deason Lewis
I worked at the Ft. George concession stand during my Schafer Hight School years, along with Judy and Stephanie Molnar, Doreen and Bonnie Allen and many, many others. It was one of the BEST times of my life. To this day, it was one of my more favorite jobs. A big memory was when the Exorcist was popular - geez that one movie took up almost a third of my employment there, it was sooooo massive. God. How I loved drive ins.
11/18/2012 - Steve Simon
I worked at The Fort George in my senior year in high school. 1974 It was the coolest job ever! I believe I cut the grass and put up new movies on the marquee. I think I hid a bottle inside the screen sometimes. I would take tickets and the worst part was having to turn the speakers off that were not being used. Sometimes people in their cars would jump because they were fooling around and here I was right next to their car. I never saw anything though because it was too dark. Funny.
8/24/2011 - Butch
City of Southgate was just waiting on Meijer to build their store.
7/15/2010 - Arnie
I was the manager of the Fort for a couple of years, 83 and 84. LOVED it. It was one of the funnest jobs I ever had. Though I must say to this day I can recite ever single work of dialogue from Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom or Terminator. I''ve heard and seen them SO many times. At least twice a night for most of the season.
I never really met any of the "George" management. The people that worked with me there were wonderful people. The people that came to see the movies were just as cool. I sure miss it now. I''ve been back to Michigan a couple times, especially in that area and am crushed when I see it''s gone. It was so huge and such an Icon.
Wish I took pictures, especially of the office. Inside the screen was wild too. I can see though that it would''ve taken a lot of money to renovate it. Even in the 80''s it was a little questionable. I was almost electrocuted twice while working there. Through no fault of my own. :)
I worked as a concession manager at the "Jolly Roger" then managed it a year later as well.. Lots of fond memories there too. ;) I wish I took more pictures.
4/3/2010 - Stevie-Ray
The wife and I spent many a weekend night here, as well as 2 other local screens, starting in 1972 for many years. Before that, I can remember going here with my parents once in a while. I was saddened to see most of the drive-ins in my area demolished. Walk-in shows are certainly not as enjoyable to some of us.
10/23/2009 - billy bird
the ft. george was a great drive in, i can remember in my early teen days visiting a friend that lived in fountain park apts. & we used to watch movies for free out the window...the good ol day''s!
9/13/2009 - Mark Reed
I grew up very close to this theatre back in the day. My parents and I would frequent this ozoner many times all year round. I remember seeing Smoky and the Bandit in 77'' here, it was when I just received my drivers license. I believe the Southgate theatre was torn down a few years before the FG closed.
6/3/2009 - Brian
i used to work at the fort george when i was in high school. talk about fun and great times. used to let all my friends by the carload in for free. i ate so much popcorn, met my first gal there and more. what a great time. then went to work for jolly roger, then americana indoor theatre in southfield
7/2/2008 - Jake Nelson
A DRIVE-IN ONCE AGAIN STANDS ON THE SITE OF THE FORT GEORGE! However, it''s not the type that would make us DIT lovers happy. A Sonic Drive In, the first in this area, was erected on the former site of the Fort George and opened about three months ago. Also, a Meijer gas station and TCF bank stand on the site with the Meijer store now. I have heard that the Meijer store, one of four in the area, could be closing. However, I can''t confirm this. As for my memories of this theater: Well, the last movies I remember going to see here were "K9" and "Midnight Run" in around 1988. I also remember going to the now closed Southgate theater next door to the Fort to see "Parenthood" and around this time when the Fort was still standing, but believe that theater closed shortly before or after ths one did (so, that too was the late ''80''s). My Mother bought her Saturn from the dealership that has replaced the indoor theater. Kind of an ironic twist that the theater closed, the drive in closed, yet they built a car dealership and Sonic Drive In on the sites. Seems that little area can''t get away from cars!
11/21/2006 - Jill
I lived across the street on the Wyandotte side ,so this was close to my home.I and many friends have great memories here, and was saddened when it was tore down because not many exist..I moved to Pennsylvania 20 years ago and was so happy that my 2 boys got to see a movie in a drive-in.. it brought back old memories. this drive in was tore down about 10 years ago.Bedford ,Pa.
7/9/2006 - MichiganDriveIns.com
In March of 1991, the Fort George Drive In suffered damage to the front of its screen due to strong windstorm. Prior to this, Meijer had been planning to build a store across from the Fort George on the former EJ Korvettes shopping center. Instead the city of Southgate encouraged Meijer to build its store on The Fort George Drive In and the Southgate Theatre next door. (Butch Hoek 7/8/06)
1/6/2003 - Drive-Ins.com
This was a great theater it was small and all but it was close to my house and I still remember being envious of those people who lived behind the theater and got to watch for free every night. The real sad thing is that they couldent save the screen or theater for that matter...they had torn down a movie theater that was located next to the Ft.George years before and at that point I knew it was only a matter of time before the Ft.George became another member of the dead drive-in club...then I had a little hope that they may rebuild as I would drive by and the land was vacant for well over a year..but sadly they built a Meijer store where it once stood and now Im thankful I didnt own a home behind the theater...I would of had to sell. Frank
Fort George Drive-In Theatre - OLD PHOTO FROM HARRY SKRDLA
Fort George Drive-In Theatre - OLD PHOTO FROM HARRY SKRDLA
Fort George Drive-In Theatre - FORT DRIVE-IN ILLUSTRATION 1950
Fort George Drive-In Theatre - CONCESSION
Fort George Drive-In Theatre - OLD PHOTO
Fort George Drive-In Theatre - SCREEN
Fort George Drive-In Theatre - AD - PHOTO FROM RG
Fort George Drive-In Theatre - TOPO - PHOTO FROM TERRASERVER
Fort George Drive-In Theatre - OLD AERIAL
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